Snapchat Launches New Verification Screen that Features Ghost Image for Security Purposes

Snapchat Launches New Verification Screen that Features Ghost Image for Security Purposes

snapchat Snapchat Launches New Verification Screen that Features Ghost Image for Security PurposesSnapchat has rolled out its modified verification screen to bolster security measures especially when welcoming new users into its network. The aim is obviously to make sure that new users coming to the app network are not actually robots that are just trying to steal private information especially about current users.


Now, the app instantly displays nine colorful images as soon as a new user signs up to the service. Its users would be required to choose photos, particularly those that feature the special Snapchat ghost icon prior to giving the authorization to proceed to the process.

Discoveries of a high school student 

According to sources, this move came after a high school student from Texas notified Snapchat creator of the security flaw that make the Find Friends feature of the app more vulnerable to attacks despite quick fixes and rate limiting made.

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The quick fixes also came following revelation from Gibson Security that a number of vulnerabilities are present within the app since late last year. Among those is a bug that allows anyone to easily make a database using the usernames and telephone numbers of current Snapchat users.

Shortly after Gibson’s warning, someone successfully created the database using that vulnerability. That person posted the usernames and contact numbers of all 4.6 million online users of Snapchat.

Snapchat problems 

It should also be noted that Snapchat already issued fixes to the problem earlier this month. However, the same 16-year-old high school student found many more bugs in the app. When Snapchat seemed not responding to his warnings, the student took matters into his very own hands and personally texted Snapchat co-founder Bobby Murphy using the list from the database.

Mr. Murphy reportedly felt spooked when he first received the text message. But later on, he simply said that he would personally look into the problem. The same high school student also found out about the Find Friends anomaly in the app.

It was found that Find Friends feature could be fully used by a new account. It was also found that to use the feature, there is no verification procedure involved. The young student again texted Mr. Murphy about his newly found anomaly. Now, with the newly launched verification process on screen, Snapchat thinks it is already safe and secured against third parties that may resourcefully tap into the company’s records.