Snapchat ‘Discover’ Now Allows You To Share News

Snapchat ‘Discover’ Now Allows You To Share News
Snapchat AdamPrzezdziek / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Snapchat has introduced a new sharing feature, Discover, which will finally allow people to share news with other users. The clips can even be accompanied with emojis and comments.


You can share news on Snapchat with a single click. The change will be adapted by iOS and Android devices. Millions of Snapchat users may now reached everyday, thanks to this move.

Discover was first launched in January, but until now there were no ways one could share stories with friends. The company understood that sharing is the best way of publicizing a story.

Sharing has made other social networking sites gain popularity. Now, most people get news through social media. Most of the traffic received by a publishing platform is through social media platforms as well.

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Using the latest news sharing tool is absolutely easy, even for users who are not familiar with it. You can share news just as you share snaps. You don’t even have to find the news anymore since your friends will be sharing it with you.