Smart Pins on Google Maps Take Centerstage on New Mobile Game App

Smart Pins on Google Maps Take Centerstage on New Mobile Game App
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smarty%20pins Smart Pins on Google Maps Take Centerstage on New Mobile Game AppIf you have used Google Maps, you probably have noticed those smart pins that pinpoint your target location. No one can contest the usefulness of those pins, especially for navigation. Maps can never be more useful without those, you may agree.


Google must have thought it would be prudent to make something out of those pins. That is why it would be a delight for many that those smart pins are now taking the centerstage on the newest product from the company—the ‘Smarty Pins’ mobile game app.

‘Smarty Pins’ is no ordinary game. What makes it different is that it appeals to geography and trivia lovers alike. The game aims to test players’ knowledge and grasp not just of geography but also of trivia. But at the same time, there is a challenge. It is something that is not intended for those without knowledge of geography and history.

Mechanics of the game

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To play, a player will have to begin with a thousand miles. He will then be asked to answer questions that refer to a specific city. Every wrong answer will translate to a deduction from his 1,000 miles. The deduction may depend on how far off his answer was.

The goal is to avoid going zero on the miles. A player can gain bonus points if he answers correctly within the first 10 seconds after the question is posted. He should also not use any hint to qualify for that bonus.

Points system

A player will not leave empty-handed even if he does not get the correct answer to a question. Of course, it is a better gain that he has learned more about his geography and trivia. This game would also make Google Maps users look at the app in a different manner.

‘Smarty Pins’ is logically available now for download on Google Play Store. Players can also zoom in and zoom out, just like how they do when using Google Maps. You should check out the game app’s message when you get correct apps. More interesting is its response when you get the wrong answer to a question.