All About Slender Man: Internet Meme To Become Movie Star?

All About Slender Man: Internet Meme To Become Movie Star?
Slender Man cosplayer Gage Skidmore / Flickr cc

Sometimes, a paranormal internet meme-turned-urban legend is not scary enough, so a major studio has to go and make a film about it. Sony’s Screen Gems is in talks to develop an upcoming horror movie based on Slender Man, the 21st century boogeyman who originated as an internet meme.


Slender Man is a paranormal entity created by Eric Knudsen after he started a thread on his forum Something Awful, inviting people to put up Photoshopped pictures incorporating otherworldly beings into normal snaps, reports Independent. The thread went viral, leading to the birth of a thin-limbed, tall and faceless horror meme called Slender Man who, much like the Pied Piper leading rats to their deaths, led children into forests to murder them.

Slender Man has gone on to become more than just an internet meme, with a TV show, a video game and a doll designed for it. According to The New York Times, Slender Man was earlier rumored to make an appearance in the popular horror TV show, “American Horror Story.” It has already inspired a few episodes on hit TV series such as “Supernatural” and “Law and Order.”

Due to the level of attention received by the meme, Hollywood is now weighing its potential to become a future cinematic franchise. Screen Gems, a branch of Sony’s production house, is currently negotiating with Mythology Entertainment to bring Slender Man to life on the big screen.

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Slender Man also became involved in a dark bit of controversy when a pair of 13-year-old girls was accused of stabbing a young friend 19 times to “show devotion to Slender Man” and “to prove he’s real, and so he wouldn’t kill their families.” The accused are still awaiting trial.

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