Skype Group Video Calling Starts Rolling Out On iOS & Android

Skype Group Video Calling Starts Rolling Out On iOS & Android
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Microsoft is now rolling out the latest feature of its calling platform Skype for smartphones. The new feature, which will now be available to iOS and Android users, is the Skype Group Video Calling which the tech giant has promised last month.


The Skype option will be first enabled for Skype accounts in Europe and the US today reports The Verge. Based on a Skype blog, the company expects to complete the said rollout in the initial two markets within the next week or so and make the feature available worldwide by March.  The move follows the pre-release versions’ launch done earlier this year.

It all started when the tech firm announced the beta version of this group video call feature last Month as part of the Skype’s video chat’s 10th anniversary. Callers are given the chance to pre-register and test the feature on mobile devices, reports Information Week.

The tech firm noted that the upcoming Skype video calls will be in HD and will be optimized for the device that the user is using at the time of the call. The audio of the Skype calls utilizes Microsoft’s SILK Super Wide Band audio codec from its cloud conferencing stack.

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According to Tech Crunch, it was worked in partnership with Intel who has helped optimized the code for Azure running n Intel processors. The new feature of the calling app also supports both a grid view and a focus view.

On grid view, all users involved in the call are seen while on focus view, only the current speaker is shown. Additionally, users can also “pin” participants to the stage – this could be nice for conducting interviews or screenings online or having a large group of participants for a meeting.

Skype has also said in a blog post that the group video chats are rolling out to all platforms so whether one is using desktop, mobile or tablet while using the call app, everyone gets included and will not feel left out. Additionally, it also adds that the number of people that can be in a group video chat has been increased from 5 to 25.

Everyone can also join the group video call even if they have or don’t have a Skype account. All they need is for someone, preferably the instigator of the call, to send them the conversation link. Once they click on the link, those that have Skype accounts can just join by clicking the link, those that don’t can join it through Skype for Web.

Lastly, Microsoft reminds everyone that the new Skype group video calling rollout will be available to all users that has the latest version of the said app. Better make sure you stay updated with the latest version to keep up or else you might not be able to try the new group video chat.