Skype Experiences Downtime

Skype Experiences Downtime
Picture from Skype / Microsoft Website

Microsoft’s Skype experienced a major glitch on Monday morning, disrupting service for users all over the world. The said glitch affected some of the apps main features such as internet calling. Meanwhile, Skype quickly took to Twitter to let people know that they are already working on fixing the problem, which they also believe, was preventing some users from being able to log in and use their service.

The glitch disrupted all communications between users on Skype. It showed contacts as offline and made it absolutely impossible to make voice calls for users who have managed to log in. There were also problems experienced when it came to managing contact lists and even changing status.


Meanwhile, a spokesman from Microsoft also told The Wall Street Journal, “We apologize for any inconvenience and will keep our users update.” However, the spokesman did not disclose how many users were affected by the problem or how long it would take for the tech giant to fix the issue.

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Later on, Skype took to Twitter again to say that they have already found the problem was in the process of fixing it. Skype seems to have returned to normal as of the moment.

Monday’s problem was not the only issue that affected Skype recently. Last month, Skype users reported encountering an Adobe Flash Player error screen, which opens when users are attempting to use Skype. Users were encouraged to use Skype for Web while the said issue was being fixed. This particular problem was fixed the next day.

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