‘Sister Wives’ Husband Kody Brown Could Face Jail Time

‘Sister Wives’ Husband Kody Brown Could Face Jail Time
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The main man in “Sister Wives,” Kody Brown, could be facing charges in their hometown Utah. After he divorced his third wife, Meri, due to a cheating scandal, Kody married Robyn legally during that same year. However, odds are slightly in their favor as the penalty for bigamy is under review. However, he may still face jail time.


After the cheating scandal that rocked Kody Brown, the only husband of four wives and star of the reality TV series “Sister Wives” has been worried about getting implicated by authorities for bigamy. Despite the fact that all of his wives consented to the multiple marriages Kody engages in, he may still face jail time.

As reported by Radar Online, jail time is plausible since HB281 is still currently being reviewed before it becomes legal. The said bill was sent to the House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee in Utah for a vote. The said bill would modify the penalty for bigamy from felony to misdemeanor.

Last 2014, after Kody was divorced from Meri, he and his wives left Utah and moved to Nevada ust so Kody would not face jail time due to the crime of bigamy. The bill, if approved, is something that may enable the Browns to go back to Utah and for Kody not to go to jail.

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According to The Hollywood Gossip, Utah’s polygamy law would warrant Kody jail time. It states, “Bigamy is purporting to marry ‘and’ cohabitating with another person while married to someone else or to someone else who is married.”

However, after the family was able to realize the legalities of their culture, they sued over the law. At present, they are waiting for the final call on the bill which would be decided upon in the 10th Circuit court.

Should Kody Brown be allowed to have four wives and be relieved of legal consequences associated with bigamy?