Siri For OS X Definitely Happening? Leaked Images Confirm

Siri For OS X Definitely Happening? Leaked Images Confirm
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Rumors surrounding the impending unveiling of OS X 10.12 have been mind-boggling, with the most potent one being the fact that Apple was working on integrating Siri into its latest operating system. Thanks to some leaked images, the news is no longer a rumor. Siri for Os X has been confirmed!


Leaked images of the potential Siri icons for the Menu bar, as well as the Siri app design, could form a part of OS X, revealed by MacRumors, sending tech enthusiasts into a frenzy. The website claims that an anonymous source shared these images and provided them with confidential but reliable info regarding the big change occurring in OS X.

The images display two kinds of icon designs. While the menu bar has gone for a simpler, B&W look, with the word “Siri” surrounded by a box, the full dock is more vibrant, with blending colors representing the Siri Waveform. Clicking on any of the two icons is supposed to bring up Siri for Mac computers, immediately reminding one that Siri is silently waiting for a voice command.

Both icons display exclusivity, complementing the other app icons perfectly. Apple has taken a very different approach to the one Microsoft had taken for integrating Cortana into Windows 10, reports The Verge. While Microsoft had directly integrated Cortana into Windows 10’s search interface, Apple has chosen to opt for two different icons for Siri on OS X.

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However, there are no guarantees that Apple won’t make last-minute changes to its Siri icon designs, or that these leaked images are the finalized look for the Siri’s debut in OS X. On the bright side, this might mean that Siri is definitely becoming a part of OS X 10.12, and there is less than a month left till we find out for sure in WWDC 2016, which starts on June 13.

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