Siri – iOS 9’s Google Search?

Siri – iOS 9’s Google Search?

With iOS 9, not just Apple’s operating system, but Siri, too, is getting smarter. Now the question is – can Siri become Apple’s Google Search? Is Siri getting that intelligent? We are waiting for iOS 9 to roll out to know the answers – are you?

iOS 9 is bringing a lot of features to the next iPhone that is going to make the phone much better. Split view, ad-blocking, applications on home screen, carplay and battery with additional settings are some of the wonderful features everyone is looking forward to.


Do you know that iOS 9 will also bring you an improved version of Siri? No? Then, read on..

Smartphone manufacturers are always struggling for two things –

1. To manufacture a product that is better than the previous product
2. To invent a product that is better than the competitor’s previous, current and future product

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With cut-throat competition from all the other brands, Apple is trying its best to gather all the excellent services available on desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets, and put them into iOS 9. In a race to be the best, Siri will now be Apple’s Google Search.

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How will Siri become iOS 9’s Google Search?

Apple claims that Siri will now search for accurate answers and deliver intelligent results even before asked. How is that possible? Siri will use its pre-populated search screen for the purpose. Sounds familiar?

Google Search 300x67 Siri   iOS 9s Google Search?

This is exactly what Siri will do now. Use its own brain to and try to deliver results even before you complete your sentence. Google search suggestions are not always perfect, so might be Siri’s.

We can say that this is just the first step from Apple towards becoming Google Search for iPhone users.

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Facebook has also tried to integrate Google Search on its platform, but that didn’t work out. Remember Graph Search? These platforms though have a vast database which cannot immediately set up search platforms and expect to kill Google search. With platforms such as Siri, people expect them to be better – much better than Google Search. If brands try to be Google then will they never be successful in replacing this 17-year old search engine.

May it be Siri or Graph Search, brands need to go beyond Google’s intelligence to beat Google Search. That’s the only solution!