Sir Edward Heath Under Investigation For Possible Child Sex Abuse

Sir Edward Heath Under Investigation For Possible Child Sex Abuse
Blue plaque on Arundells – Edward Heaths Home, Cathedral Close / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Former British Prime Minister Edward Heath allegedly raped a boy, minor at 12 in 1961 when the boy ran away from home and the politician came to pick him up. Now that the boy is 64, he disclosed the violation occurred in a private Mayfair flat. There has also been allegations that the former Prime Minister sexually abused a number of children.


Mr. Heath is the subject of police watchdog investigation for alleged child sex abuse in the 1990s, headlines from various media say. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said the investigation springs from a claim of a senior policeman who retired last summer that prosecution against the former prime minister was dropped as it may drag the name of then-Prime Minister Edward Heath.

No white wash

Wiltshire Police urged the public to come forward and speak the truth about the violations committed by Mr. Heath, guaranteeing that this time, no white wash will happen. Although the name of the defendant in a botched trial was not disclosed, it was clarified he was not accusing Mr. Heath. Trial was said to have been on its procedural phase, before the jury was sworn in, when it was abandoned.

In a statement posted by the watchdog, the IPCC said, “It is alleged that a criminal prosecution was not pursued, when a person threatened to expose that Sir Edward Heath may have been involved in offences concerning children.”

“In addition to this allegation, the IPCC will examine whether Wiltshire Police subsequently took any steps to investigation these claims,” the statement continued.