Silent Hill Returns! And People Are Not Very Happy With It

Silent Hill Returns! And People Are Not Very Happy With It
Photo Credit: 八木 Ricardo 清介 via Compfight cc
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What's This?

Games have been spooky, horrorifying and weird as well, but slot machines? They have always been decent, well-decorated with inspiring characters. Though related to gaming, the new Silent Hill has nothing to do with games.


Konami has announced the new Silent Hill to be a pachinko – a slot machine with scary coins and spooky buttons. Launched with a belief that just like games, this slot machine too will be welcomed by many, the company seems to have highly disappointed its fans.

The trailer released by the company has not been received well by the viewers with the company’s YouTube video filled with dislikes and comments showing disapproval.

Don’t believe us? Have a look yourself:

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Comments Silent Hill Returns! And People Are Not Very Happy With It

This new slot machine will be available in Japan since October 2015. Why Japan? Because it is made by a Japanese company named Takasago.

We wondered why Konami cancelled Silent Hills and decided to come up with something like a slot machine. The only reason we can think of is that licensing the imagery and names doesn’t cost anything to the company while “Silent Hills” could have burnt a hole in the company’s pocket.

What do you think about Konami’s decision to launch a slot machine and not a proper game, which was highly awaited? Do you think people will eventually accept this decision of the company? And who knows, maybe Konami will soon earn enough money to launch a better game in the coming years? Before you comment your opinion below, how about having a look at the trailer?