Should You Choose Chromebook Over iPad? Read On.

Should You Choose Chromebook Over iPad? Read On.
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Chromebook vs. iPad? It’s a war between a laptop and a tablet. Who will win eventually? We say Chromebook. Read on to know why.

Most people buy Apple products just because they are fans of Apple. To be very honest, there are products in the market that are better than Apple products yet are cheaper. Chromebook is one such product. If your budget is not high, or even if it is, when it comes to choosing between Chromebook and iPad, go for Chromebook.


Price is just one factor, but there is a long list of reasons why you should invest into this laptop. One cannot deny that a laptop is always much better than a tablet in every way. May it be for surfing the internet or accessing files and folders, laptop makes work easier.

Websites are displayed in a much better way than Apple’s tablet. Web pages also load faster on Chromebook.

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Another drawback of using an iPad is that it is not flexible when it comes to multiple users. Only the one who has set up his account on iPad can sign into his/her accounts. When it comes to Chromebook, one can sign in to his multiple accounts and at the same time, log out from all his/her accounts allowing another user to sign in to his/her accounts and use the laptop.

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If you are looking to invest in a machine that would help you work faster, then Chromebook will help you with the task with its physical keyboard. Yes, keyboards can also be attached to tablets. But convertibles are not that easy to use, as the accessories are not firm and big enough.

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Unlike iPad, Chromebooks find new updates and install them every time the machine is switched on. This laptop also does not store files locally, helping you to keep your device clean.

Tablets are without a doubt convenient to use, but only to a certain extent. These gadgets are much better when you want to work while traveling. At other times, it is better to settle down with a laptop as it offers many more features than a tablet.