Shocking MH17 Report Says Vladimir Putin’s Missile Crashes Plane!

Shocking MH17 Report Says Vladimir Putin’s Missile Crashes Plane!
Vladimir Putin President of Russia / Website CC by 4.0

One group of citizen investigative journalists is prepared to make a startling new claim when it comes to downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine back in July 2014. With a number of what seems to be photographic proof, the group is now saying that Vladimir Putin was responsible for the downing of the flight after all.


Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat has been leading the charge against the Russians in the quest to answer the question as to who really fired at MH17 and caused the deaths of 298 people. According to Higgins’ team, the smoking gun is the missing digit from a photo of a Buk TELAR missile launcher that had shot down the Malaysian plane. The middle digit had been previously obscured and Bellingcat had been working hard to identify it for some time. They have also been analyzing several photographs of the Buk TELARs that have been posted online by several members of the 53rd Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade since 2010.

Bellingcat has now identified the missing digit to be a 3, making the marking on the missile launcher “332.” Using seven unique features as a point of comparison, the group was able to ascertain that the Buk 332 is the only TELAR that have features in common with the Buk “3×2” that’s in the Russian records from June 2014 and the one found in eastern Ukraine from July 17 to 18 that same year.

The features used to determine that the missile launcher on both sites are one and the same included the wheel type; dent in the left side panel; side skirt profile; white mark on both of the side skirts; shape and size of the oil/soot deposits by the exhaust; arrangement of cable connections to the missile and the front and exact spacing of the digits on the TELAR.

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At the same time, Bellingcat has also managed to rule out Ukrainian involvement in the tragedy. According to them, Ukrainan Buks rarely carry any of the markings that was found on the one that downed MH17. Moreover, Buk 332 had also been filmed moving to the center of the launch area that was estimated by the Dutch Safety Board for the missile projectile that hit MH17.

According to a previous report from BBC, the Dutch Safety Board had confirmed that MH17 was hit by a Russian-made Buk missile over Eastern Ukraine. On board were 283 passengers, including 80 children, as well as 15 crew members. The plane broke up in mid-air after missile exploded near the cockpit.

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  • Mixa Klimment

    I bet Western readers have never heard that Ukrainians air defense forces shot down passenger plane TU-154 (SBI1812) in 2003 accidentally. Air defense forces are so unprofessional and nationalistic government is so desperate that there are much chances MH17 had the same fate as TU-154.

    • Darren W (The Machine)

      and we in North America hear the same distorted lies from Russia. Dont be a fool they are all liars

  • Mixa Klimment

    I’m very disappointed to discover that this particular website actually posts the same distorted lies about Russia that the mainstream media throughout the western nations repeat on a daily basis. These accusations have been proven false over, and over, again and again. That was a US sponsored coup.

  • Mixa Klimment

    Putin is TRUE leader !!!
    I’m very impressed by Putin. He should be our leader and not this psychopath Donald Trump