Shia Labeouf Offers Soup And His Private Number To Man Who Got Punched For Looking ‘Exactly’ Like Him

Shia Labeouf Offers Soup And His Private Number To Man Who Got Punched For Looking ‘Exactly’ Like Him
Megan Fox and Shia Labeouf promoting Transformers in Paris Nicolas Genin/Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 2.0

Shia Labeouf’s “wild image” has caused one man to get punched in the face by a total stranger just because he looked so much like him. To make the man’s experience more unforgettable, he sent a voicemail and asked the man to call him.


When someone looked like a popular celebrity they would get compliments and criticisms from the public, most especially, in random times and places. Unfortunately, unlike other doppelgangers out there, a man got a punch in his face just because he looked so much like one celebrity- certainly not what you get everyday for looking like a star.

Shia Labeouf has been in the acting business since he was young but his biggest break in the movie industry was when he was the lead star of three sequels of “Transformers.” However, in the previous years, he has been more known by his wild stunts in public than his acting.

His new image has caused one man to get punched in the face just because he looked so much like him. According to Perez Hilton, 26 years old Mark Licato was at the Essex and Delancey subway stop when he was approached by a man who suddenly punched him in the face before telling him, “This happened because you look exactly like Shia Labeouf.” He was not even punched because he was mistaken to be Shia!

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Luckily for the stranger who punched Licato, he took the whole incident as a compliment. He later took to Instagram and said “I wanna thank the guy who randomly decided he needed to hit me last night. ‘this happened bc you look exactly like Shia labeouf’. Well sir you boosted my self esteem bc he’s p hot.”

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Licato revealed that he got a voicemail by none other that the person he was punched to. Shia sent him a long voicemail apologizing about the incident. “I’m so sorry. But I get it. It’s happened to me before,” he said on the voicemail.

What Licato found humorous was the idea of the star wanting to give him some soup, “I wish I was in New York. I’d come bring you soup.”

“This sucks. I don’t even know what to say. I’m sorry. People are just crazy. Just because you look like me?” continued Shia in the voicemail.  “Here’s my phone number. Don’t give it to anybody. Please, please, call me back. Call me back if you want to. We could chat. Let’s giggle over this. Maybe there’s a silver lining in all this,” Shia dded. According to Licato, he himself was just laughing while listening to the message.

Then Shia ended the message, “And once again, this is Shia LaBeouf, the guy you got hit for looking like. And yeah, man, I’m sorry. I’m just really sorry.” Licato said the “Transformers” star  “sounded bummed and genuinely really bad” over the whole thing. When asked if he was going to call the star back he answered that he would drink some wine first before calling him.

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