Shetamia Taylor: Photos Of Texas Mom Who Shielded Sons, Then Shielded By Police During Dallas Shooting

Shetamia Taylor: Photos Of Texas Mom Who Shielded Sons, Then Shielded By Police During Dallas Shooting
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Shetamia Taylor, Texas mom, got wounded while shielding her four sons from cop-killer Micah Johnson’s bullets.


On Sunday, she broke down in tears remembering how “hero” police officers were shot and killed before her eyes. The 37-year-old mother said that many white cops also jumped in to shield her from the Dallas shooter.

The Texas mother went the event with her children so the family could raise their voices against the two recent police shootings of black men, said NY Post.

Shetamia Taylor said she is extremely grateful to the officers who saved her and her family’s life. She also said she would never forget how fierce the sound of bullets were. She went on as she recalled the moment she saw a cop fall to the ground. The cop looked at her screamed, “He has a gun! Run!”

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The Texas mother was sitting with her doctors and family on Sunday at Baylor University Medical Center, where she was sharing excerpts from the shooting. According to WFAA, she was shot in the leg and hopefully will be making a full recovery.

“I want to say thank you to the officers who watched over me and my son during that time,” she said while talking to press. “They were really heroes for us.”

She went on to say that she and her sons were running the moment she felt the bullet hit her at the back of the leg. She was fast enough to pick her son Andrew and lay on top of him behind a car. Police officers understood she had been shot and surrounded her and her son.

Shetamia Taylor and her son were taken to a hospital after the officers put them in the back of a police car. She stated that the back of the car was devastated with bullets. She also claimed that when they reached the hospital, the tires of the police car were totally deflated.

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