Sheralynn Neff: Facts About Girl Who Died Skydiving In Cushing

Sheralynn Neff: Facts About Girl Who Died Skydiving In Cushing
Skydiving Chris Betcher CC BY-SA 2.0

The body of a missing skydiver was located by crews in Oklahoma near Cushing in Lincoln County.


Identified as 26-year-old Sheralynn Neff from Newton, the skydiver jumped on Sunday afternoon near Cushing. While her parachute was discovered in a wooded area, she was found about five miles away from it.

“[Neff] was the last one out of the airplane on that jump, out of about four or five people,” Lincoln County Sheriff Charlie Dougherty said. “We interviewed everybody and right now, there’s not any explanation for why any of this took place.”

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Neff had attempted and successfully completed several jumps with the Oklahoma Skydiving Center before the one that led to her death, as reported by CBS News. Her body was discovered in tall grass and thick brush. As the helicopters could not find her, crews searched for almost 16 hours before locating her.

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According to Hesston College News and Sports, Neff obtained an associates of arts degree in Bible and Ministry with Dean’s List honors, was part of the choir and concert band and held the role of a ministry assistant in her second year. Ken Rodgers, music faculty member, said Neff was a genuine and talented person.

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David Williams, who was with Neff in the public speaking class in sophomore year, said she engaged in numerous activities. She served as the valedictorian of her class, was a member of the National Honors Society and Spanish National Honors Society, and was also part of the swim team.

“Her goal was perfection in virtually everything she did and she achieved it, I don’t know of anything she wasn’t successful at, if there was stuff going on, she was involved in it and it just hurts a lot to think about her not being around,” Williams said, as reported by KSN.

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