Shawn Mendes New Album Release Date Update: ‘Mercy’ Music Video Reveals Singer Hates Fame?

Shawn Mendes New Album Release Date Update: ‘Mercy’ Music Video Reveals Singer Hates Fame?
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Shawn Mendes recently released a new music video called “Mercy” and you will never guess what it is all about!


Shawn Mendes’ upcoming album is called “Illuminate” and he has already created a buzz around it by releasing a controversial music video on a single from the album!

The music video of “Mercy” shows the singer trapped inside a locked car under the ocean, as the car slowly begins to fill up with water and he fights to stay alive.

While a drowning Shawn Mendes sings lyrics like “Show me an open door/ Then you go and slam it on me/ I can’t take anymore, I’m saying baby please have mercy on me”, it initially seems like he is begging a pretty ruthless lover to spare his feelings.

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However, as the song progresses and the lyrics get a tad darker and more intense that one realizes that it is really the harmful side effects of his overnight fame that Shawn Mendes is battling against.

Till a couple of years ago, people did not even know who Shawn Mendes was. After releasing his single called “Life of the Party” in 2014, his song became number one on the iTunes chart, making him a global phenomenon, reports Famous Birthdays.

“Even to this point, I don’t feel like I’m caught up talent-wise to my career,” Mendes told Rolling Stone.”I never felt like I was good enough and, only nowadays, am I starting to feel like I deserve [all this]. I felt like there were so many talented people who should be getting what I have.”

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At the end of “Mercy” video, Shawn is seen smashing a guitar, which is recognized as a symbol of attempting to break free of the shackles that stardom brings.

Some other lines within the song, such as “Would you please have mercy on me/ I am a puppet on your strings/ And even though you got good intentions/ I need you to set me free” confirms the real meaning behind it all.

Shawn Mendes’ album “Illuminate” is set to release on 23rd September. You can preorder it by visiting this link and immediately receive the first five tracks of the album!

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