Shawn Lucas Confirmed Dead: Found Lying On The Bathroom Floor, Did Democrats Kill Him?

Shawn Lucas Confirmed Dead: Found Lying On The Bathroom Floor, Did Democrats Kill Him?
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Shawn Lucas, an activist who recently served the Democratic National Committee (DNC) with a lawsuit, was found dead due to unknown causes.


His girlfriend found him lying on the bathroom floor of his house when she returned home on the evening of August 2, 2016. According to Snopes, his girlfriend made a call to 911. However, paramedics did not find any signs of life.

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The activist was known to many distressed Democrats as the young man who served the Democratic National Committee (DNC) with a lawsuit on early July 2016. The lawsuit alleged that the DNC has done “fraud” in favoring Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primary process.

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Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter were flooded by rumors and conspiracy theories. There were many users who felt concerned that the activist’s death may have been directly linked to his role as process server for the DNC lawsuit.

Although there are people who said that the activist was the “lead attorney” on the case, but the claim had not yet been corroborated.

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On July 22, 2016, a motion [PDF] filed by the DNC, in which he was named, sought to dismiss the lawsuit on partial grounds of improper service.

According to an employee who worked with the activist in the same company, Shawn Lucas died on August 2, 2016. The employee stated that a lot of people were interested in the circumstances of his death.

This interest evoked a number of phone calls and queries. However, the company has not yet confirmed details about the cause of death. The theories regarding the circumstances of his death are understandable. Given the timing of his death, people are trying to confirm the idea that the Democrats had something to do with it.

Similar cases had already occurred, since recently, another anti-Clinton researcher was found to have committed suicide. Yesterday, news came out that Victor Thorn was found dead on top of a mountain near his home. He was an apparent victim of gunshot wound, reported the Free Republic.

On August 1, 2016, Thorn took his own life on his birthday. He was the author of 20 books and 30 chapbooks. He wrote about conspiracy theories and was best known for his investigate research on the Clinton family. Thorn penned the Clinton trilogy, which includes definitive works that looked into the history of the power couple.

The suicide seemed suspicious to a lot of people. In an audio interview, Thorn’s brother said that Thorn would never deal with morbid stuff like death. It is confusing that even after that, he would allow himself to commit suicide, according to the American Free Press.

Apparently, suicide is nothing new when it comes to the Clinton couple. Vince Foster, Deputy White House Counsel during Bill Clinton’s presidential rule, also committed suicide.

Foster’s suicide was the center of much speculation since he shot himself in a Virginia park in 1993. Ronald Kessler, an investigative journalist for Washington Post and Wall Street Journal, said baffling things in his book The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of the Presidents and The Secrets of the FBI.

The Daily Mail reported that FBI agents investigating the death of Foster found that Hillary Clinton may have provoked his suicide. She attacked and humiliated Foster in front of White House aides a week before he took his own life.

Shawn Lucas’ death is still a mystery. Further information is required to genuinely understand the circumstances of his death.

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  • Tom Zarek

    Is this what passes for journalism these days?

    • You a Hitlery troll? You sure smell like one… we know all about the paid Hitlery trolls… we know all about the assassins paid by the evil b*tch to take out Americans, too… Oh yeah, after reading your other comments it’s clear.. you’re either a paid Hitlery troll or your stupid as sh*t…

      • PurpleShoe

        fuck me you’re an ass

      • AnotherLover

        Nah I said the same thing due to their “cover”age of Vince Foster’s murder. Check out this:

      • Tom Zarek

        Jesus loves you, slappy.

    • demetri

      Is hillary, a proven corrupt liar, what passes as a President these days?

      • Tom Zarek

        stay on subject, lets avoid the Limbaugh slide

        • demetri

          stay on subject like the presidential election and a nomine, Clinton, e who has more lawsuits and investigations than anyone in history

          • Tom Zarek

            see there you go

          • demetri

            hillary supporters suffer from cognitive dissonance.

  • sunbyrd

    Nice headline idiots. Maybe someone from Morning News USA killed him, it’s just as plausible. Typical right wing rag, jump to far fetched conclusions without a shred of evidence. Of course the RWNJ’s will jump on this as fact.

    • MyKinKStar

      Makes me wonder why there is nothing at all from any news organization about his death. Do a Googly and nothing comes up – except for this and snopes!

      • sunbyrd

        Beats me. I thought I would have found something from a local news source.

        • WarrenHart

          There must not be anything suspicious about the cause of death then otherwise there would be something in local media about it. Everybody dies eventualy and just becasue someone dies doesnt mean much and most peoples deaths dont make news.

          • sunbyrd

            That’s how I see it.

          • Jane Doe

            Well, if you consider that there are four dead people within a 6-week period who were all connected to the DNC and/or Hillary Clinton, it’s more than suspicious. Two are mentioned in this article…

          • WarrenHart

            4 dead people out of how many? Thousands and thousands in the DNC? And thousands and thousands of political activists? and thousands and thousands who’ve met Hillary Clinton somehow? People die you know and every persons death is not a murder. 25,000 people a year die from accidental falls in the USA and 33,500 die from accidental poisoning etc…People die all the time.

          • Jane Doe

            Take a seat. You are too lost for an adult discussion on something like human life. Your comments fall right in line with progressives, so no…

          • Sharon Gamblin

            obviously you haven’t been counting. Waaay more than 4 suspicious deaths connected to the Clintons. Too many ‘coincidences’ over many years.

          • bbbbbbbbb8

            yo i swear alot of the people commenting on this are paid shills, they seem to care waaaayyy too much about refuting this shit. idk just a thought

          • WarrenHart

            lol everything isn’t a conspiracy. It’s just common sense. people die every day. When there is evidence showing the guy was murdered then you can say he was murdered then there has to be evidence of some specific person doing the murder. Until there’s some kind of physical evidence, everything is pure speculation and wild guesses. There hasn’t even been a cause of death released by the county coroner yet so you people dont know if the guy didn’t choke on a chicken bone. .

          • AnotherLover

            “out of how many?” Are you joking? How many people are getting ready to testify against HIllary? Out of THAT many, friend. Out of that many.

          • Vee

            @warrenhart; how about checking ARKANCIDE on a google search since the website is gone by the wayside…I wonder why????

          • WarrenHart

            Sounds like a nutjob website for Clinton hating conspiracy theorist

      • Jane Doe

        Because it’s an election year and the media is an extension of the Democrat Party…

  • Adam Feldman

    “He wrote about conspiracy theories and was best known for his investigate research on the Clinton family” His other books include “The Holocaust Hoax Exposed: Debunking the 20th Century’s Greatest Fabrication” and a couple about how the Jews were behind 9/11. But sure, yeah, just say “conspiracy theories.”

    • WarrenHart

      That’s the best way to describe what he did. He dealt in conspiracy theory professionally.

      • Kurt Henschel

        What would it matter if he did research conspiracy theories. If there
        wasn’t some truth in it why would it matter to anybody?..Just because
        somebody doesn’t believe the official account doesn’t make them wrong it
        just means there are doubts.. On a official level.

        • WarrenHart

          Well, anybody can take a few facts and omit others and invent some wild theory. You need to look for evidence and facts then use common sense. In this case, a cause of death hasn’t even been released yet so claiming that it’s anything specific is pure speculation. AND even if the guy was murdered, there still has to be some evidence implicating a particular person in that crime to lay blame against someone. BUT, since everybody dies eventualy, and every death isn’t a murder, this guy might have choked to death, slipped and fell, accidentally poisoned himself or even had a heart attack. He died and that’s all we know for sure.

          • MyKinKStar

            Sure, but then there is the death of John Ashe, Former United Nations General Assembly President, who died in June 2016. First reported as a heart attack, though his throat was ‘obviously’ crushed . . . Now they say he accidentally dropped a barbell on his throat . . . Bribery charge trial was about to begin with Chinese businessman said to be illegally funneling donations to Bill’s re-election and Ashe was due to testify about Hillary’s connection on the same day he died. Really, REALLY hard to not think something is up when there are more than 20 deaths connected to the Clinton’s and many of them are crazy like that!

          • WarrenHart

            The Clintons have known hundreds of thousands of people from around the world. 20 people dying out of all the people they’ve know isn’t anything. As far as the UN guy’s death being misreported originally well that’s nothing. They thought he had a heart attack first then dropped the dumbbell but becasue of an autopsy they learned that he accidentally dropped the dumbbells on himself. Accidents happen every day. It’s nothing. Where’s the physical evidence of your accusation against the Clintons? You have none becasue obviously the Clintons had nothing to do with it. If the Clintons were mass murderers and wanted to off people I could think of a lot more people they would target first than some process server.

          • Gus Mueller

            WarrenHart “Well, anybody can take a few facts and omit others and invent some wild theory.” You’ve just described what the Warren Commission did.

      • A Feldman nabbed the WRONG GUY ~ BRUCE THORN was the author of those books. There is nothing in the info on Shawn Lucas indicating he was even a writer!

        • Adam Feldman

          Read the darn article, Lisa.

    • AnotherLover

      Did he write about the USS Liberty?

    • Are you ridiculous or what?? Those books were authored by writer-researcher VICTOR THORN, who died in Pennsylvania the day before Mr. Lucas! How do you make such stupid statements ~ did you even bother to double-check the book titles? Bad enough, the death of Shawn Lucas in such questionable circumstances. At least have a little respect!

      • Adam Feldman

        Dear Lisa: if you had read the article above then you’d know that I was quoting the section of it that is about Victor Thorn.

    • FreeSpeechIsntCrime

      Shawn Lucas dealt in conspiracy theories such as *Vast right wing conspiracy* theories. Hey…Hillary Clinton actually deals in such conspiracies! Interesting! I guess that means that she is a loon? All of these DNC related deaths are just coincidences? Sure they are. Pull the other leg. It plays *Jingle Bells*.

    • Lady MAGA

      The CIA started the use of the ‘conspiracy theory’ epithet to shut down discussion and to make those who inquire into Deep State’s seeming lack of logic look crazy.

      All the mental midgets use it now, obeying their Masters well.

  • WarrenHart

    If it’s unknown causes then what makes you people think he was killed? He could have choked on a chicken bone for all you know.

    • John Osterlund

      The number of Clinton enemies who choke on chicken bones … etc…. is extremely high.

  • victoriao1

    He was MURDERED probably Wasserman hired the hit man

  • Turtle

    Democratic National Congress? Who is the ignorant fool that wrote this?

    • Jane Doe


  • Magdalene

    I won’t bother to read your article…I’ll find another! HOW DARE YOU CREATE A CARTOON WITH BERNIE SANDERS next to Clinton! Shawn was a Bernie supporter and this lawsuit was about Bernie. There is so much evidence Bernie has been threatened and was assaulted! You people are disgusting. I’ll never come back to morningnews

    • Jose Alvarez

      Well, Bernie did bend over to suck Clinton off… Bernie is a sell out….how dare you still support the sell out….just shows you how twisted your mind is.

      • Mischa Pierce

        After this, over come to the conclusion that Bernie just didn’t want to end up like these people! His sudden personality change occurred after Hillary called him in for a private meeting before the Convention. That’s when he suddenly stopped talking to his supporters, cancelled his rally and became a Hillary supporter….

    • jinxie clark

      ‘HIS LAWSUIT’??? HE WAS A PROCESS SERVER NOT A LAWYER, so that right there BLOWS YOUR WILD THEORIES OUT THE WINDOW. it is not very hard to do a little reading on your own.

  • Sparky Thewelder

    Pol Pot in a pantsuit strikes again…

  • Ex Tempus

    …there is NO proof that Hillary has committed these acts, just hearsay from Russian (Vlad Putin) trolls!

  • Pumpkin Head 28/88

    McCain was Tokyo Rose.
    Spread this far and wide!

    08/04/16 John McCain’s 1969 “Tokyo Rose” Propaganda Recording Released – See more at:

  • MyKinKStar
  • AnotherLover

    Still covering up the Foster case, huh? Get a grip. Anybody, just google Patrick Knowlton, and make sure the name Miguel Rodriguez comes up as well. Try this for starters:
    Vince Foster’s car was NOT at Fort Marcy Park. He was shot twice. Not suicide.

  • Keith

    Hillary killed him…

  • Intelligent Doc

    My God, talk about ignorance. Wake the fuck up people. Maybe you should try checking those fact check websites…. You know, read up on some of those elusive facts.


  • Denise F

    Ummmm If Hillary Clinton had him killed just so she could win the election, then why wouldn’t she just have Trump killed??? Wouldn’t that guarantee her election more??? What is up with you people????? LOL I love how everyone plays the FBI agents and acts like they saw all the evidence in person and examined the body first hand! SMH.

  • jinxie clark

    this man was a PROCESS SERVER NOT A LAWYER, he was just the guy that got handed some papers to serve someone. they do them all day long and have NOTHING TO DO WITH THE LAWSUIT, wake up people. it appears this guy was an addict in recovery based on comments on his gofundme funeral expense page. a fellow person in recovery commented READ IT.
    there is NO FOLLOWUP on his cause of death because they don’t put regular addict OD/s in the news, stop drinking the koolaid, i am not a fan of hillary clinton, i am a fan of seeking FACTS.