Shaq Guarantees Draft Will Be Rigged, Sixers Won’t Get No 1 Pick Ben Simmons

Shaq Guarantees Draft Will Be Rigged, Sixers Won’t Get No 1 Pick Ben Simmons
Ben Simmons in the 2015 McDonald’s All-American Boys Game TonyTheTiger / Flickr CC BY-SA 4.0
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Ben Simmons is the consensus No.1 pick in June’s NBA Draft. On May 17, the ping pong balls will decide the draft order, essentially choosing which team Simmons will join as a rookie.


At this stage, Philadelphia 76ers have a 25% shot at securing the first overall pick and a 64% chance of getting a top-3 pick. Those are great odds. However, Shaquille O’Neal is convinced that “they” will ensure that Simmons will not be going to Philadelphia. Is Shaq hinting that the draft will be rigged?

On the latest episode of The Big Podcast With Shaq, the future hall-of-famer revealed that the NBA is going to rig the forthcoming draft. “Philly can tank all they want. They’re not getting the first pick. Ain’t no way they—whoever ‘they’ may be—is sending that young man to Philadelphia,” he said.

In fact, Shaq went as far as to “guarantee” that Philadelphia won’t win the rights to the precious No. 1 pick. “All the great, great players in the league, the draft, there has been talk of a conspiracy theory. All the way from (Patrick) Ewing to me to LeBron (James) playing in Cleveland. So I’m guaranteeing Philly ain’t gonna get the first pick. I’m guaranteeing you that right now. Philly won’t even come close to getting the first pick,” added the legendary former center.

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Ben Simmons Headed To Lakers?

If not Philadelphia, where will Simmons end up? The Los Angeles Lakers have the second-best odds, a 19.9% chance of getting the first overall pick. According to Shaq, Simmons will end up somewhere “Sunny and Exciting,” indicating that Los Angeles could be the Australian’s first stop in the NBA.

“Put it this way. Somewhere sunny and exciting. That’s where (Simmons) is going.”

Rigged Like 1985 Draft?

Remember, there is a popular theory that former NBA commissioner David Stern rigged the 1985 Draft so New York Knicks could draft Patrick Ewing. “How exactly he (Stern) knew what envelope held the Knicks’ name inside is debated (conspiracy theorists will say that he was either able to spot a crease in the Knicks’ envelope or that it had been placed in a freezer beforehand so he could distinguish its temperature) but believers all agree that, somehow, Stern knew what team he was picking first,” writes Gus Turner of

Are you buying the Diesel’s theory? Listen to the entire podcast here.

If Ben Simmons heads to Lakers, he will be re-united with buddy D’Angelo Russell. Are they destined to play together?

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  • Bill

    Agree with shaq. We will get the 3rd pick once again. Lakers get the 1st pick Brooklyn gets no.2 which ends up the Celtics pick. Either way the top 2 franchises will end up with simmons and ingram. I watched every lsu game and nearly every duke game. No doubt in my mind who the real nba superstar will be, one guy will get you 20pts on 18 shots. A couple boards and 1 maybe 2 assists a game. The other will give you 18 pts on 5 shots and is a walking double double and will probably have as many triple doubles as the other has double doubles. If you watched every LSU game it was not simmons fault that no. 55( won’t type his name) was a loafing selfish putrid guard. 2 decent games this season and no guard other then Hornsby could throw an entry pass. It was a disgrace.