‘Shallow Hal’ Actor Dies Of Pneumonia

‘Shallow Hal’ Actor Dies Of Pneumonia
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Do you remember that big dude dressed in a floral polo shirt featured in “Shallow Hal?” That was Joshua Shintani who just recently lost his life to pneumonia last November 25.


As reported by Fox News, Joshua Shintani, the big dude who played a role in the comedy film with Hollywood star, Gwyneth Palthrow and Jack Black entitled “Shallow Hal,” recently passed away last week due to pneumonia at the age of 32.

The actor was known as one of the cast members who played the nice-guy in the 2001 movie who played the ukalele.

The actor’s mother, Shintani, said, he was taken to the emergency room in Kauai, Hawaii last week when he was constantly coughing and complained of several physical pain. It was just then that the doctors found out that the actor was suffering from an advanced case of pneumonia, reported TMZ. Unfortunately, the findings of his health condition was already too severe for the medical professionals to better his condition.

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Aftet Shintani’s role in the romantic comedy movie, “Shallow Hal,” he then became the talk of the town in Kauai and was even considered as a local legend. In fact, his performance in “Never Forget Where I’m From,” a tune he played while outside the Hawaiian library,was his ticket to stardom. The co-director of the film, Peter Farrelly, immediately saw his talent and casted Shintani to be a part of “Shallow Hal.”

The mentioned song that the actor played in that library, was in fact, the exact same song that he played when he was last scene in “Shallow Hal.”

“Shallow Hal” first released on screens last 2001, which was a romantic comedy movie starring Hollywood A-listers Gwyneth Palthrow and Jack Black. Black in the movie was an obnoxious guy who only saw the beauty of women in terms of how they looked. Paltrow in the film was, in reality, a humungous woman but when Black was cursed due to his shallow perception of women, the beauty of women reflected on how good they were internally. The late Joshua Shintani in the film was one of the good guys who appeared handsome to Black when he was under the spell when in reality, he was physically huge like the character of Paltrow.