Sex In Team USA Rio Olympics 2016: Michael Phelps, Demarcus Cousins, Kevin Durant Abstaining From Sex?

Sex In Team USA Rio Olympics 2016: Michael Phelps, Demarcus Cousins, Kevin Durant Abstaining From Sex?
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Sex in Team USA competing in the Rio Olympics 2016 hasn’t been a major problem for this year. But is abstinence required for athletes such as Michael Phelps, Demarcus Cousins, and Kevin Durant?


Apparently, science says that sexual intercourse do affect, at least in a certain way, athletes. Every Olympics, sex is one of the problems teams from all over the world have to deal with, and Team USA is not exempted from this dilemma.

Sex and Sports

A study published in NCBI in 2000 revealed that athletes who had sexual intercourse at least two hours before competing in a sporting event could affect recovery from physical stress.

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According to the study, however, sexual intercourse prior to competing in an event does not affect the athlete’s strength nor mental concentration. In order to assess whether sexual intercourse has something to do with the athlete’s performance in sporting events, researchers attached a special device to monitor the subjects’ heart rate and other vital signs. The participants’ testosterone level was assessed before and after the experiment.

Sex in USA Gymnastics?

Just recently, issues of alleged sexual assaults targeting young, mostly underage gymnasts of Team USA, are being subjected by the coaches, TIME reported.

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But USA Gymnastics CEO Steve Penny was quick to assure that any incident or reports of sexual assault will be dealt with accordingly. Penny said that USA Gymnastics has instituted measures to counter any incident of this sort in the sports.

“It is heartbreaking and unacceptable for a young person to have the intolerable burden that results from being a victim of sexual misconduct. We share the outrage that sexual assault victims and their families feel,” Penny was quoted as saying by TIME.

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