Severe Weather, Including Tornadoes, Possible In Arkansas, Missouri

Severe Weather, Including Tornadoes, Possible In Arkansas, Missouri
Storm Chasing with The Weather Channel’s Tornado Hunt Team Anthony Quintano / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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A developing storm in the Pacific Ocean could bring in severe weather conditions, causing possible tornadoes on Wednesday, forecasters said. The affected areas could include Arkansas and Missouri.


There is a strong possibility that the storm will collide with moisture and humidity from the Gulf of Mexico, which will cause severe weather including tornadoes that could carry winds of 136-165 miles per hour, the National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center (SPC) in Norman, Oklahoma, said. “It’s a pretty potent system,” SPC meteorologist John Hart said.

However, it cannot be said with certainty where the two systems will meet. “If the system slows down it would be in the Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas area,” Hart said, as reported by “Then, if it sped up it, might be all east of the Mississippi (River) on Wednesday. But everything right now is pointing to that Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri and Kentucky area.”

According to CBS Local, a fast-approaching upper level system and a cold front on Wednesday will give way to moisture, heat and instability in Arkansas, Missouri and southern Illinois, western Kentucky, western Tennessee and northwestern Mississippi. Some of the cities that could experience damage are Little Rock, Arkansas; St. Louis; Memphis, Tennessee; Jackson, Tennessee; and St. Charles, Missouri.

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Hart added that people need to be careful. “People in that area should be paying attention,” he added.