Severe Tornado Outbreak Predicted In Central US

Severe Tornado Outbreak Predicted In Central US
Storm clouds Jukka / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Parts of central and southern Plains states could experience severe weather conditions, resulting in strong and powerful tornadoes and hail storm on Tuesday.


According to Bill Bunting, chief of operations at the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma, the storm system is expected to give rise to thunderstorms while producing winds of up to 70 miles per hour. A tornado threat has been issued for Tuesday.

“It’s certainly possible we could see several tornadoes during the day on Tuesday,” Bunting said. “Some of them do have the potential to be strong — an EF-2 or greater, which is winds over 110 mph, strong enough to cause structural damage to well-built homes.”

As many as 25 million people – residents from the Rio Grande River in south Texas to Omaha, Nebraska – face risk of the severe weather on Tuesday, as reported by CBS News. Another storm system in the east could result in thunderstorms, powerful winds and hail storms in Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

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“We shouldn’t assume that we’re going to have a lot of information — you know, a lot of lead time,” Matt Mosier, a meteorologist for the Storm Prediction Center, said. “We may or we may not.” Mosier urged residents of the most likely affected areas to take shelter from the storm.

The areas that have the strongest likelihood of being affected include Omaha, Nebraska; Kansas City, Missouri; Wichita, Kansas; Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Dallas, Waco, Austin and San Antonio, Texas. Meanwhile, the Mid-Del School District near Oklahoma City said that its schools will remain closed as the possibility of storms remains large, CNN reported.

“This is not just a tornado or two,” according to meteorologist Allison Chinchar. “We’re expecting a tornado outbreak, with multiple tornadoes in multiple states, and several have the possibility to be long-lived or long-tracked, meaning they’re on the ground for long periods of time.”

Last week, a notice emphasizing the possibility of severe weather and storms was issued by the Storm prediction Center; since then, the center has unveiled updated forecasts.

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