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Seth Rich Murder: Republican Lobbyist Offers $100,000 Reward For DNC Staffer’s Killer

Seth Rich Murder: Republican Lobbyist Offers $100,000 Reward For DNC Staffer’s Killer
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Seth Rich Murder: Republican Lobbyist Offers $100,000 Reward For DNC Staffer’s Killer

A $100,000 reward, for information regarding the death of the DNC staffer Seth Rich, was offered by a Republican lobbyist.

On Wednesday, Jack Burkman of Burkman and Associates said he had been expecting that the money would help in resolving what happened surrounding the murder of the Democratic National Committee staffer in July.

“There are too many dimensions to the tragedy and none seem to make any sense. I hope the $100,000 in additional money will finally get to the truth of what happened here and will either debunk the conspiracy theories or validate them,” Burkman said, according to The Hill.

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“But for the sake of Mr. Rich’s parents, family, friends, co-workers and the D.C. community at large, the murder needs to be solved and those responsible held accountable.”

People had been asking questions, which have been lurking for months, after DNC staffer Seth Rich was shot several times, early in the morning on July 10, in his neighborhood in northwest Washington, D.C. He was walking back home.

The murder had created haywire among conspiracy theorists. These theorists were thrilled last month, after the transparency group WikiLeaks offered $20,000 for information in the murder case.

The offer from Julian Assange’s organization came during the coverage of a leak of DNC officials’ emails. Emails from the DNC were released later in July, which had devastating effects.

According to Morning News USA, Julian Assange indicated that the murdered DNC staffer could be the source who leaked the DNC emails. The WikiLeaks editor and founder added that it was not a robbery, as what the police suggested, because the motive was not yet established.

He added, “So… I’m suggesting that our sources take risks.”

Assange’s indications lit up more conspiracy theories about Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton murdering Seth Rich because of heinous political interests, when she became aware that he was the informant.

Jack Burkman have been involved with Republican politics for an extended period of time. He also sponsored and supported a movement to nominate for president an alternative to Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention.

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