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Seth Rich Murder: 3 Odd Things Surrounding DNC Staffer’s Death

Seth Rich Murder: 3 Odd Things Surrounding DNC Staffer’s Death
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Seth Rich Murder: 3 Odd Things Surrounding DNC Staffer’s Death

Seth Rich was a DNC Voter Expansion Data Director when he was shot multiple times in the back a block away from his home on July 10, 2016.

Police said that the murder of the DNC staffer involved a robbery gone wrong. But surprisingly, nothing was taken from him; he still had his wallet, watch, and cell phone.

Seth Rich’s murder occurred after WikiLeaks released 20,000 DNC emails, which claims that the DNC was tampering with the primaries to favor Hillary Clinton. The DNC accused Russia and said that they were behind the hack, but WikiLeaks denied such claims by stating it was an “internal” leak, as reported previously by Morning News USA.

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Heat Street reported earlier that the DNC staffer was in good position to gather the data. If he was responsible for the leak, his murder could keep other DNC whistleblowers in check. The most interesting part in the ordeal happened after his death. There were rumors that on the morning of his murder, he was on his way to met with FBI agents.

It was said that he was trying to expose election fraud by secretly working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Here are three odd things surrounding his death:

The DNC Staffer Rejected A Ride Home

On the night he was murdered, Rich was at Lou’s City Bar in Columbia Heights. When the bar closed, he walked out to the sidewalk while talking to the manager, according to FOX News.

The manager offered him a ride home, as he knew the DNC staffer very well, and that he would have to walk a mile to his home. However, he declined the offer and planned to go to The Wonderland Ballroom, located a couple blocks down the street.

It was earlier reported that he was heavily intoxicated, although his toxicology report is still not released. A witness at the bar said he had a couple of drinks, which made authorities believe that a two-hour-walk would have worn down the alcohol.

Rich was fatally shot while he was on a call with his girlfriend at 4:20 a.m. The event that occurred after he left Lou’s City Bar or The Wonderland Ballroom remains unclear.

All Valuables Were Intact

Police reached the scene of the crime after gunshots were heard. Police investigators suspected that Seth Rich was a victim of an attempted robbery. The neighborhood was infamous due to such activities.

Shockingly, an apparent glitch was present in the robbery theory, after police discovered his wallet, credit, cards and cellphone on his body. His wristwatch’s band was torn but not broken, as reported by Newsweek.

Wikileaks Offered Bounty

It was reported by Morning News USA that WikiLeaks helped these conspiracy theories come to light. Previously, the organization announced a bounty on Twitter. They said that anyone who has information that can result to a conviction in the DNC staffer’s killing will win a $20,000 reward.

Adding to that, Julian Assange, founder and editor of WikiLeaks, threw hints at the idea that the murdered DNC staffer could be the source who leaked the DNC emails. Assange said that it wasn’t a robbery, as what the police said, because the motive was not yet proven.

He added, “So… I’m suggesting that our sources take risks.”

Assange’s suggestions lit up theories that Hillary Clinton murdered Seth Rich because of heinous political purposes as she became aware that he was the informant.

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