Serena Williams Is Dating Drake, Here Are The Reasons Why

Serena Williams Is Dating Drake, Here Are The Reasons Why
Serena Williams Jimmy Baikovicius / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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What's This?

Serena Williams, one of the most powerful women in sports today, is rumored to be dating rapper, Drake. Are they more than just friends? Find out below.

Every single person who has been following the world of sports most probably knows Serena Williams. On her way to another Grand Slam year, this woman is rumored to be dating rapper, Drake, who happens to be seen on her matches most of the time.


Yes, this might be just another rumor that can easily be dismissed, but the evidences are telling. Is Serena Williams and Drake a thing?

Proof number 1

TMZ released some photos that clearly show the two enmeshed in each other’s presence. They were more than ogling each other, but were not probably into that night’s house special.

Unless they’re just friends, as reported in AP’s interview, where Williams denied that the two were having an affair.

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We’ve been friends for, like, so many years,” Williams said. “Just like family.”

According to the report, the two were celebrating privately in a back room of the restaurant where they “couldn’t keep their hands and lips off of each other.”

Talk about true friendship.

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Proof number 2

Drake was also seen a bit “tearful” after a Rogers Cup match loss in Toronto, earlier this month.

She lost to teenager, Belinda Bencic, who, SBNation reports, recorded her biggest career win so far. That was Williams’ only second loss this year.

Serena Williams is currently world number 1 in women’s singles tennis and has won all the grand slam games this year, and is just waiting for the US Open for her calendar Grand Slam to seal another historic moment in her career.

So are they or are they not dating? Truth is, whatever makes Serena happy, we should all just be happy for her.

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