Sensel Morph – A Technology That Would Enhance Your ‘Touch’ Experience

Sensel Morph – A Technology That Would Enhance Your ‘Touch’ Experience
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What's This?

Sensel Morph is nothing but an advanced version of Apple’s Force Touch. This gadget is compatible with Mac, Windows and iPad.


This touch pad designed to give you a better touch experience while making it easier for you to work with your desktops or iPad is a 9 X 5 gadget. It looks similar to the touch pad you have on your laptops. The difference here is – it is bigger and extra sensitive. It accepts every kind of touch – from a feather light tap to a hard press. And what makes it so sensitive to touch? The 20,000 sensor elements. Yes, you read right. This device is made up 20,000 sensor elements. Sensel Morph’s touch pad also responds to a paint brush’s touch. Now you can imagine of what excellent quality this touch pad must be.

Sensel Morph 300x167 Sensel Morph   A Technology That Would Enhance Your Touch Experience
From Sensel / Kickstarter

Talking about this new gadget, Sensel Morph said, “It can detect anything from a feather-light tap to a hard push and everything in between (with over 4,000 detectable voltage levels).”

No startups receive funding unless/until their ideas/products are excellent. We know how startups die just because they could never get companies to invest into their venture.

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But Sensel Morph is one of those rare companies that has already met its goal of $60,000. And all of this was achieved within a few hours of launch. The Morph debuted last Tuesday on Kickstarter and is offering the gadget for $249 to Kickstarter backers of the project. Even though the demand for the product is high, the company says it can start shipping only next June.