Sen Mark Kirk Regrets Joke On GOP Presidential Hopeful Lindsey Graham Being ‘A Bro With No Ho’

Sen Mark Kirk Regrets Joke On GOP Presidential Hopeful Lindsey Graham Being ‘A Bro With No Ho’
Lindsey Graham Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Republican Senator Mark Kirk from Illinois recklessly described a fellow Republican and G.O.P presidential hopeful, Senator Lindsey Graham, “a bro with no ho,” which was caught by a live microphone nearby during a markup session with the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee on Thursday, according to the news.


Huffington Post first posted the audio recording and went viral in an instant. Sen. Kirk was apologetic and when asked by Politico whether he has regrets making the comments, the senator answered, “I do.”

Although the audio clipping did not solely record the controversial phrase, it was emphasized and magnified. During the casting of votes by senators, Kirk can be heard from the backdrop supposedly cracking a joke.

“I’ve been joking with Lindsey,” the recording said.

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“Did you see that? He’s going to have a rotating first lady. He’s a bro with no ho,” the clipping added.

Since making an announcement that Graham will be vying for the White House, his bachelorhood has been among the topics. Graham, from South Carolina, does not have any children and is still single. According to the news, his being a bachelor is dealt with negatively among voters who may harbor doubts on whether Graham could relate to their emotions being parents.

But the Republican presidential wannabe just brushed it off and answered, “I’ve got lot of friends. We’ll have a rotating first lady.”

Last week, Graham was interviewed by the Huffington Post and pointed out that being single is not a hindrance to running the United States.

“I’ve got a wonderful, supportive family. And the last time I checked, I did not see a sign on the White House that said ‘single people need not apply,’” Graham quipped.

Graham is just among many GOP presidential hopefuls but for the record, he is the only bachelor. Should he be elected, he would be the third bachelor president after James Buchanan who took his oath in 1857 and Grover Cleveland who assumed the White House in 1885.

Kirk is facing a tough reelection competition in 2016 and may possibly contend with Representatives Joe Walsh and Tammy Duckworth.

Listen to the brief recording of the joke below:

Credits / YouTube / Joe Walsh Show

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