See The ‘Baby Pope’ Who Rocked Halloween At The White House

See The ‘Baby Pope’ Who Rocked Halloween At The White House
Popemoji Release Time Square NYC US Papal Visit / Flickr CC BY 2.0

A baby riding in a “popemobile” dressed as the pope won “top prize” during trick or treating event at the White House. President Barack Obama fell in love with the boy the moment he laid his eyes on him. He cracked up a little, totally amused.


The president was smitten by Baby Pope that he immediately declared him “top prize” even if there was no contest. The adorable baby dressed as Pope Francis was among the many local schoolchildren and children from military families who were welcomed by Mr. Obama and first lady Michelle at the South Lawn of the White House on Oct. 31.

Some of the kids were dressed as caped crusaders, furry creatures, princesses and adorable creatures for the event. One girl even dressed up as the First Lady.

The first couple, however, did not don costumes for the event and went out as themselves. For the kids’ treat, they gave them White House Halloween Cookies, M&Ms, fruit bars, kettle corn, candies and baseball cards. The South Lawn was decorated magnificently for the event. Malia and Sasha were not spotted during the trick-or-treating.

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Prior to Halloween, Walmart was under fire for selling Israeli soldier costume and a Sheik mask for kids. People slammed the costumes as being racist and offensive. The Vatican, however, did not find Baby Pope offensive.

In fact, on Sept 28, 2015, during Pope’s visit at Philadelphia, Pope Francis was delighted to see 4-month old baby Quinn dressed like him. According to a report from 6abc Action news, parents of baby Quinn were even asked if she can be handed to the Pope. The parents, of course, were equally delighted. Speaking with 6abc Action news, Quinn’s mother said that the pope asked his security guard to tell them that they have a great sense of humor.