Secret To Still Dancing At 106? Watch This

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A 106 year old woman had her wish of visiting the White House come true. Her wish was granted after a year of petition to get her an invitation was started.


There was a social campaign started more than a year ago for Virginia McLaurin, born in 1909, to meet the president. President Barack Obama’s significance as the first African American president captivated her. She said in a video posted on YouTube in 2014: “I didn’t think I’d ever live to see a colored president. I am so happy.” Her campaign for meeting with the president also included a Facebook page and a White House petition. Her petition only gained 19 signatures at the time.

But last week, McLaurin and the Obamas finally met. The momentous event caught the hearts of many people.

The trio talked and even danced. In the video of her meeting with the president, she can be heard saying: “It’s an honor.” Seeing McLaurin’s enthusiasm, Michelle said to her, “I wanna be like you when I grow up,” after which the trio do a little dance to celebrate the occasion. The president asked her: “What’s the secret to still dancing at 106?” The charming elderly woman replied: “Just keep on moving.'”

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According to, a friend of McLaurin approached the White House and shared that McLaurin has been doing volunteer work in D.C. area for several years, and that she would like to visit the White House. McLaurin, a Senior Corps volunteer at Roots Public Charter School as part of the United Planning Organization’s Foster Grandparent Program, was ecstatic after her dream to meet with the president was fulfilled.

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  • lab seven

    Plenty of dancing and golfing in the White House.
    How are things like war on ISIS doing?