Secret Behind ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Hummingbird Revealed

Secret Behind ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Hummingbird Revealed
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The “Orange is the New Black” soundtrack is quite popular in American TV. Even when the series is not being telecast, the soundtrack remains popular. Would you like to know who has composed the music of the hit drama series from Netflix?


The original track, Hummingbird, was used in the opening episode of season 3. Surprisingly, Eliza Noxon, a 14-year-old girl, sang the song of the hit series for season 2 and 3. Jenji Kohan, mother of Eliza, has mentioned that her daughter wrote the song at age of 12 on a family camping trip.

The song was written for a talent show and now it is a big hit. Kohan mentioned, “She went off to the cabin and she came back with this song fully formed … she sat down and played this song and everyone was kind of gobsmacked,” adding, “I was really impressed, and when we did the Mother’s Day episode, I said: ‘Eliza, I want to use this song.”

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The song was first presented in the Mother’s Day episode. While Kohan feels she is a bit biased because Eliza is her daughter, she is also quite proud to have her. She said, “I also love that it was the Mother’s Day episode, and it was sort of my gift to myself to have my child in that. It was our connection in a way.”

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“Orange is the New Black” is about to release its collection consisting of 13 soundtracks in Vinyl in November. The lists of artists include 50 Cent, Ike and Tina Turner, Foreigner, Martha Wainwright, Gertrude Lawrence and Dum Dum Girls.

“Orange is the New Black” is currently heading to its 4th season. Kohan said that she may use other tracks in the show created by her daughter for the coming seasons.