Second Nepal Earthquake Death Toll Update: 80 Deaths Reported, 17 In India, 1 In Tibet

Second Nepal Earthquake Death Toll Update: 80 Deaths Reported, 17 In India, 1 In Tibet
Gary Carroll, search and rescue team dog handler UK Department for International Development/Flickr CC by 2.0
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A 7.3 earthquake has once again hit Nepal with the death toll rising as of press time. Check back for more updates.

The latest tremors that shook Nepal and neighboring countries on Tuesday have killed at least 80 people so far, according to CNN.


At least 65 people were killed in Nepal due to the tremors of the latest earthquake, its epicenter close to Mount Everest, as police spokesman Kamal Singh Bam confirmed late on Tuesday. Earlier, Nepalese Government Spokesman Minendra Rijal said 1,261 people were injured, as 32 of the 75 districts of the Himalayan Kingdom were affected.

In India, at least 17 people were killed by the deadly tremors, mostly in Bihar and Uttar-Pradesh, Home ministry spokes-person Kuldeep Dhatwalia told CNN. Sixteen deaths were recorded in Bihar and one in Uttar Pradesh. The previous earthquake killed 80 people in the Northern districts of Bihar.

China’s state-run news agency also reported that a woman in Tibet died when falling rocks hit her car while she was driving through Gyirong.

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Aftershocks continued in Nepal pre-dawn on Wednesday, as fresh tremors were felt at 2:00 a.m. The U.S. Geological survey confirmed that the 7.3 magnitude earthquake, its epicenter 83 kilometers east of Kathmandu, hit the seismic zone on Tuesday. This second earthquake was one-fifth powerful compared to the first 7.8 magnitude that struck Nepal last month. Both death toll and injury estimates are expected to rise in time. The quake has caused severe landslides. Many families in the entire affected region spent the night outside in tents or in large concrete pipes.