Seahawks Acquires Jimmy Graham

Seahawks Acquires Jimmy Graham
Image from Flickr by M I K E M O R R I S
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Seahawks Mike Morris Seahawks Acquires Jimmy Graham
Image from Flickr by M I K E M O R R I S

Jimmy Graham has become a prized possession for the Seahawks this season.


According to ESPN, the Seattles Seahawks has traded Max Unger for Jimmy Graham to the New Orleans Saints.

John Schneider, Seahawks general manager, reiterated that they have a great relationship with the Saints. He said it’s always hard to trade a player with the caliber of Max Unger.

Schneider intoned, “We’re always talking about how there’s no finish line here, and how we’re trying to get better every single day. This opportunity presented itself, and it’s one of those deals that we felt we needed to make in order to keep moving forward as an organization.”

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A third-round pick in the 2010 draft, Graham has been one of the most dynamic players and a great support to the forwards in the last few seasons, catching 386 passes for 4,752 yards and 51 touchdowns in his career. For the last four seasons, Graham had been one of the most productive players in the Saints. He averaged 89 receptions, 1,099 receiving yards and 11.5 touchdown catches.

Unger had limited effect because of the injuries in 2012 and 2013 that made him miss 10 games last season. The Seahawks went 8-2 while using a combination of Patrick Lewis (4-0), Lemuel Jeanpierre (3-0) and Stephen Schilling (1-2) at center.

Graham is regarded as a great passing player who boosts up the game for forwards.

Betting ratios have changed because of the trade. The Seahawks improved 5-1 to 6-1, while the Saints, 30-1 from 25-1.