Scientists Find Apocalyptic-size Asteroid Crater In Australia

Scientists Find Apocalyptic-size Asteroid Crater In Australia
Image from Unsplash by Michael Kimkongrath
download2 Scientists Find Apocalyptic size Asteroid Crater In Australia
Image from Unsplash by Michel Kimkongrath

Scientists have found a 400-kilometer wide asteroid crater, wider than the state of Missouri, believed to be about 300 to 600 million years old. The crater is considered to be the site of the world’s largest asteroid impact to date. It was found in Central Australia.


The exact date of the asteroid collision that caused the crater remains unclear to scientists, but the rocks in the area was found to date 300 to 600 million years. The crater was in fact hidden under the Earth’s crust.

A team of geophysicists accidentally found the crater while drilling for another research project.

The researchers, headed by Dr Andrew Glikson of Australian National University School of Archaeology and Anthropology, discovered the craters near the borders of South Australia, Queensland and the Northern territory.

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“The two asteroids must each have been over 10 kilometers across – it would have been curtains for many life species on the planet at the time. Large impacts like these may have had a far more significant role in the Earth’s evolution than previously thought,” Dr Glikson said in a statement.

The Mystery Will Change the History of Earth

Glikson said the mystery that surrounds the age of the asteroid crater may lead to new theories in terms of the Earth’s history.

“It’s a mystery – we can’t find an extinction event that matches these collisions. I have a suspicion the impact could be older than 300 million years,” he said.

The findings were detailed in the report titled “Geophysical anomalies and quartz deformation of the Warburton West structure, central Australia.” It was published in the journal Tectonophysics.

According to Live Science, the recent finding has surpassed that of the crater found in South Africa’s Vredefort on April 2014. The Vredefort’s crater measures 10 kilometers wide and estimated to have formed some 2.02 billion years ago.

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