Science Magazine to launch its first open access ‘free’ journal

Science Magazine to launch its first open access ‘free’ journal
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science magazine Science Magazine to launch its first open access free journalAre you one of those science braniacs who love to read the journals and magazines concealing the best and the latest information about the fresh science advancements? Well most of the people love to read about science but there was a problem hindering this reading nirvana: the paid journals asking for hefty price lax each time you scroll down or switch to the next parchment. But that was before the good news for all the science readers. Our favorite “Science Magazine” is going to launch the open access read magazine that everyone will be able to read, no paid reads, no sloppy subscriptions and no tangled questions.


The name of the new free to read magazine is Science Advances, it will be the first open-access journal from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the nonprofit publisher behind Science, the best ever science magazine read around the globe. Here is the proposed model: Science magazine will continue to work on the subscription model and the Science Advances, the new venture will be free from the subscription fee of the Science magazine. There will be restrained and strict editorial policies and a joint editorial team from both the AAAS and Science magazine for the peer reviews and proofreading.

It’s the first time that an open access journal is about to make its way into the mainstream as we have witnessed a great contention on the subscription and open access models debates for the past few years. Subscription models are always perceived as a block in the research amalgamation because it ceases to reach out most of the interesting audience that can embark the magazine upon a journey of expansion. But, subscription model is always rigorous in content editing and maintains quality. Overlooking the debate of merits and demerits, we have to admit that open access journal enriched with fresh scientific content will be great for the educational and nurturing purposes.

Nature, the biggest competitor of Science magazine launched an open-access spinoff several years ago under the name Scientific Reports. We saw a great boost in the readership of the Nature magazine. The open access of the magazines demands high penetration of the governments help because the magazine authorities cannot allow free access to quality content because the editors, writers and researchers also need to be paid for their effort. Science magazine owners have asked for government to start ‘helping’ in this noble cause which is likely to boost up scientific awareness among general masses.

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