Scary Viral Video: Ohio Teen Livestreams Friend’s Rape, Giggles and Laughs As Victim Screams For Help

Scary Viral Video: Ohio Teen Livestreams Friend’s Rape, Giggles and Laughs As Victim Screams For Help
Vintuitive’s Periscope Schedule Vincent Brown/Flickr/ CC BY 2.0
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Marina Lonina, an 18- year old teen live streamed through Periscope the rape of her 17- year old friend. She was charged alongside with the man who raped her friend, with kidnapping, rape, sexual battery and pandering sexual matter involving a minor.


Lonina and her friend were at a mall in Columbus on February 26 when they met the 29- year old Raymond Gates. He allegedly bought a bottle of vodka and invited them at his house to party. The next day the two teenagers went over at his house and they were drinking when he began to sexually assault Lonina’s friend for 10 long minutes, as stated at the Hollywood Life.

Instead of helping her friend or even call the police, Lonina live- streamed the whole incident through her Periscope account. And through that live streamed video, the two got caught by the police as one of her Periscope followers who was in another state alerted the police. In the said Periscope video, the victim was heard screaming “no,” “stop,” and “help me,” while the her so- called friend just laughed at her whole horrific ordeal.

After the two suspects’ arraignment, Franklin County prosecutor told reporters, “I have never seen a case such as this where you would actually live- stream a sexual assault.” He also added that she never even tried to call 911 but, “For the most part she is just streaming it on the Periscope app and giggling and laughing.”

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Her lawyer said in the arraignment that it was her friend’s idea to go over at the man’s house. She just used Lonina to film the incident on Periscope. In addition, he said that the live- streaming was just her way to stop it but was only receiving positive feedbacks online so she got hyped.

Marina Lonina was bailed out of jail on a $125,000 bond but faces almost 40 years, alongside with Gates, in jail if convicted on all charges.

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