Scared Of WW3? Ten Countries Are Safe When War Erupts

Scared Of WW3? Ten Countries Are Safe When War Erupts
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Words of a looming World War 3 are getting louder each day. Morning News USA found a list of the ten safest countries in case WW3 explodes.


Morning News USA found a YouTube video listing the top ten countries that are safest from destruction when World War 3 happens. The video was uploaded by Top Lists and had been viewed for more than four million times already.

The number one country in the list, meaning the safest country, is Fiji. The nation’s location within the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean makes it isolated from potential invaders, the narrator of the video explained. Fiji has a very small population, impartial in foreign affairs and no attractive resources – oil and diamonds – that invaders may set their eyes unto.

Number two on the list is Ireland. The main reason that it is safe from the looming World War 3 is that it does not have any strong ties to any of the major players, the narrator said. It is not a member of NATO and has a law which states that it will only participate in war if the United Nations approves of it.

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Third in the list is Malta. The island is so small that it may not justify wasting a missile on it, the narrator noted.

Denmark is fourth in the list. Though it is involved with NATO, the country has Greenland which is remote, mountainous and not politically aligned.

Iceland is at number five. It shares no land borders with any other country and, like Denmark, is mountainous and remote.

Chile is at number six. It is shielded by the Andes Mountains around its borders.

Bhutan is number seven in the list. Its unique location, being surrounded by Himalayan Mountains, makes it safe when World War 3 comes. Most especially, it has no diplomatic relationships with the U.S.

Number eight on the list is New Zealand. It is remote yet a developed nation. Its democracy is stable and it has no participation in any major world conflicts.

Tuvalu is at number nine. It is an island nation sheltered within the Pacific Ocean. It is very remote and politically neutral.

Number ten on the list is Switzerland. Though it has Germany, France and Italy on its borders, the country is very much protected by mountains.

The possibility of World War 3 has been floating since Russia’s annexation of Crimea in March of 2014. The move was perceived as provocation by NATO as well as its 28 country members, including the United States. Since then, there has been reports that the parties have started their respective advancements of their nuclear weapons in stockpile.

Alarm of an impending WW3 went skyrocketing high when Turkey downed a Russian bomber on Nov. 24. Some analysts were keen to say that a proxy WW3 already began in Syria. In the days that follow, politicians, analysts and experts had been warning against a brewing nuclear war. Moreover, Pope Francis had spoken about a World War 3 that has already begun in piecemeal.

There have also been words that World War 3 will erupt in South China Sea. China and U.S. have been in constant provocative moves toward each other. Their respective allies have been rallying behind them.


  • rtnguy

    Stay away from US during WW3

  • On Iceland are very important NATO facilities. Is a one of primary targets for Russia.

  • Sofia

    what about African countries?. South Africa, Western African countries etc

    • Vaishak Viswam

      They will be colonized again by former colonial powers for their military interests and ask for volunteer’s, if ww3 spans for MORE yrs. Unfortunate repetition of old ways ( with something new adding to it tricking the afros to war) will occur again just as happened in WW1 and WW2.

      • Sofia

        you are funny. never going to happen.

  • Mihir Thakkar

    do not forget paksitan from where the terrorist came in the first place

  • Pete

    Tasmania is the place to be if you are of western ethnicity. In the event of war many rich (white) Australians will be able to decamp to Tasmania which is politically stable, has infrastructure, a reasonable climate for food production, it’s rural geography and not being the mainland so it won’t be priority for invasion or bombing of any kind. The mainly white makeup boosted by other incoming whites with a healthy interest in maintaining the status quo would provide a focused mono culture community with more of a focus on cohesion than a diverse cultural demographic.
    Sounds a bit un-pc, but in the event of all out war, all bets are off and it’s every man and his family for himself. I sure there are many other areas applicable to other ethnicities but I don’t know what they are as I am white and western. In the event of war we will separate along racial lines and anybody who says otherwise is naive to say the least so this has to be a factor when you pick your safe haven.
    Choosing a smaller island such as Fiji is problematic for a number of reasons. If you are not a Polynesian you will always be the minority and therefore the target of aggression and jealousy if you have anything. There is also the close proximity of your fellow Islanders and the inability to switch between isolation and community when either option is preferable at any given time of stability or otherwise.
    Tasmania is well known as a good place to live in current times and a good option if you wish to resettle to a semi rural area where investment in self sufficient living can be achieved.


    So what now will there be ww3 or not . I need to know to plan the future .

  • G Clay

    Ain’t skeered!

  • G Clay

    What! Everybody wanna go to Heaven, Nobody wanna die?