Scandal Season 6 Spoilers: Olivia Pope Pregnant; Mellie & Jake To Get Along As Running Mates?

Scandal Season 6 Spoilers: Olivia Pope Pregnant; Mellie & Jake To Get Along As Running Mates?
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When we last saw “Scandal,” it seemed that all was well. After all, Olivia Pope has finally managed to free Jake Ballard from the evil clutches of her father, former B613 Command Rowan Pope.


However, she was only able to do this by making Jake none other than Mellie Grant’s running mate. Will this new partnership survive the campaign so that both can make it to the White House?

According to Bellamy Young, who plays Mellie, things will not be smooth sailing for the campaign especially now that Jake is onboard.

“Between slowly finding out the truth about Jake, I also don’t think he’ll do well in an ornamental, not functional position. I think there will be a lot of friction there,” Bellamy told Variety.

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Meanwhile, her co-star Scott Foley who plays Jake said, “I think as long as he (Jake) believes that this is what Olivia wants, he is not going to ruffle any feathers.”

You may remember that moments before he went out onstage to join Mellie, Jake made one last appeal to Olivia. He said that they are now free and that they should run away together and have “boring” lives.

The idea did not sit well for Olivia, however. She told Jake she’s worked too hard to get where she’s at just to live a “mediocre” kind of life. In the end, Jake realized he may be free from Rowan but in effect, he’s become Olivia’s prisoner.

Rowan seems to be always lurking in the background on “Scandal” and it seems we haven’t seen the last of him yet.

Asked how Mellie would feel about finding out the Rowan was behind Jake becoming her running mate, Bellamy said, “I would wager that being so close [to being President], she’d be able to make peace with it in her mind that if she could just get the office, then she’d have the power and it wouldn’t matter how she got there.”

As for when season 6 of “Scandal” will show, fans may have to wait a little longer since its premiere has already been pushed to mid-season. This is due to the show’s star Kerry Washington’s second pregnancy. When E! News asked her if her pregnancy will be written into the show’s storyline, thereby making Olivia pregnant, she said, “As far as I know, we’re going to be hiding things. But stay tuned!”

That’s no to a baby with the President Fitzgerald Grant or Jake, then. Besides, you have to give the woman a break. The character just had an abortion, after all.

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