‘Saw: Legacy’ Happening, Franchise Returns After Six Years

‘Saw: Legacy’ Happening, Franchise Returns After Six Years
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“Saw: Legacy” is finally happening despite the fact that the Saw franchise declared last 2010 that “Saw 3D” was its last. New writers have been declared, some production members will reprise their roles as director and screenwriter, and casting is currently being completed.


It has been six years since the film industry last squirmed over the Saw franchise. In fact, fans did not expect that another film would emanate from it, since it was declared previously that “Saw 3D” was the last installment of the horror films.

However, Slash Film recently revealed that “Saw: Legacy” is a go. In fact, Lionsgate was revealed to be the one that will maneuver the eighth installment of the franchise.

As reported by Cinema Blend, writers for the film have already been established. Josh Stolberg and Steve Goldfinger will be the ones to write the scripts, director of the original Saw, James Wan and screenwriter Leigh Whannell will be executive producers. A director for the upcoming film is yet to be announced.

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Furthermore, the source also revealed that cast members for “Saw: Legacy” are currently being selected.

The Saw franchise usually incorporates scenes where a masked doll puts certain people with different personalities into a maze of death. In fact, the victims are given obstacles; only a few, usually only one of them, survive. Other installments show that the villain pretended to be one of the victims and anonymously killed the rest one by one until the end.

The first few films were also considered not-so-good by the source, especially ones that followed “Saw 4.” However, since new writers are on board for the making of another Saw film, will the franchise regain its reputation as one of the most thrilling films of all time?

At present, “Saw: Legacy” makers and Lionsgate have not yet made an official declaration as to who gets to star in the upcoming film or when the release date will be.