Satanic Men Recruiting Elementary Students! First Targets Are Georgia, Florida, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, Missouri & Maryland

Satanic Men Recruiting Elementary Students! First Targets Are Georgia, Florida, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, Missouri & Maryland
Children at school Lucélia Ribeiro / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Panic ensued after a peculiar group announced a countrywide launch of its after-school satanic club. An elementary school in Cobb County is one of its first targets.


The Satanic Temple has announced on its official website that they’re offering a unique after-school experience for schoolchildren to counter the proselytizing effects of traditional religions. On its website, the group listed some of the schools where it plans to launch the program, the group said on its website.

Back-to-School Campaign

The announcement came amid the nationwide back-to-school campaign, as school resumes in September. The satanic group hopes it could go into business in specific elementary schools in the states of Georgia, Florida, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, Missouri and Maryland.

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“Fundamentalist Christian organizations are trying to turn public schools into indoctrination camps for children. With millions in funding and a team of aggressive lawyers, they have been successfully eroding the separation of Church and State. Your donation will allow us to expand our campaign to undermine their efforts and enable us to continue to advance campaigns that protect religious pluralism and defend personal sovereignty,” the group noted.

First Target

It listed the Still Elementary School in Powder Springs as its first target, noting that it approached the school to offer its program. After-school programs are common activities schoolchildren attend after attending their regular academic classes.

But Cobb County school district spokeswoman Donna Lowry was quick to deny such report, saying there have been no such thing as satanic club in their school nor does a group had approached them to open one.

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“There are no Satan clubs in Cobb County schools including Still. We have not been contacted by anyone to establish one. In no way does the school or the school district endorse Satan clubs,” Lowry was quoted as saying by AJC.

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