Sasha And Michael Almost Had Fist Fight In ‘The Bachelorette Australia;’ Guess Who The Winner Is!

Sasha And Michael Almost Had Fist Fight In ‘The Bachelorette Australia;’ Guess Who The Winner Is!

Men have become a bit crazy for Sam Frost, it seems. “The Bachelorette Australia” almost had a fist fight when Sasha Mielczarek and Michael Turnbull took on each other on the show. The result: Sam was in tears.


Mielczarek and Turnbull, the two frontrunners of the show, had an argument at the time of filming. This almost led to a fist between the two. According to an insider, “They went at it when the cameras stopped!” adding, “It very nearly came to blows, and everyone thought a punch-up was about to break out.”

The insider also mentioned that the bachelorette was unimpressed with the whole occurrence and she was in tears. Sam has already mentioned that she is looking for a guy who would be sensible and decent as she had her share of bad boys in the past. It is not known how this fight will impact her decision on the show.

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The group date Thursday night put Sasha and Michael in front of each other as contenders. Sasha is getting jealous of Sam getting intimate with other guys on the show and if you have followed closely Michael may be the other guy he is insecure of.

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While all these are happening, one of the news suggests that Alex may be the probable winner of the show. When asked, he mentioned, “I’m a reserved character and I don’t like to be fully open with everyone else apart from the person I might be falling for. I don’t know if it’s possible within the amount of time you spend with someone on a show like this to be to be able to fully say you were in love with them. I certainly have strong feelings for Sam.”

Is this fight between Sasha and Michael going to turn the game towards Alex? Find it out in the following episodes of “The Bachelorette Australia.”