Sarah Sent Home, ‘The Bachelor Australia’ Down To Final Two

Sarah Sent Home, ‘The Bachelor Australia’ Down To Final Two
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“The Bachelor Australia” is down to its final two with Sarah Mackey leaving the slot for Lana Jeavons and Snezana Markoski. While all three ladies were favorites on the show, the 26-year-old Sarah was the dark horse, with no one expecting her to reach the final three.


The farewell of Sarah on the show was not as emotional as the one given to Heather. Sam Wood said to Sarah at that time was, “You are this beautiful, driven, intelligent woman and I know you’re destined for great love and great success. I have seen all the glimpses of your amazing qualities, but I just feel like I probably didn’t see those glimpses enough.”

Sam also mentioned, “The last two weeks we’ve probably grown the most together, but I just feel that we probably didn’t grow as much as I would have hoped.”

Sarah has admitted that she had developed strong feelings for Wood but that never converted into love. She said, “I could definitely see us having a relationship in the outside world and I could see him just slot into my life so easily,” adding, “I never fell in love with Sam. I had strong, strong feelings for him but I wasn’t in love with him.”

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Sarah, an event manager from Victoria, was on her final date with Sam where he revealed that he has generated feelings for the other two ladies, Lana and Snezana. Sarah seems to be a bit disappointed when she said, “I went into this date with the intention of just letting everything go, just being myself, being honest and open with him so he could really see who I am because I knew it was the last time I was going to see him until the next rose ceremony.”

Sarah had some other expectations about kids while Sam was always very serious about being a father. Though Sarah has left the show, she does not feel disappointed. As she pointed out, “the bottom line is, he didn’t give me a rose but he made the right decision for both of us.”

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