Is Santa Claus Coming To Town?

Is Santa Claus Coming To Town?
Santa from Pixabay

With Christmas fast approaching comes the perpetual question from children: “Is Santa Claus coming to town?” Two new books compiled touching letters to Santa that date back from the 19th century. They are from children and children-at-hearts who asked about this proverbial question.


The book “Dear Santa: Children’s Christmas Letters and Wish Lists, 1870-1920,” published by Chronicle Books, contains letters to Santa from children around the world. The book, first reported by The New York Times, revealed a heartbreaking letter which reads, “mama says that Santa Claus does not come to poor people” and “I am afraid you may forget me, like last year.” There were also letters revealing children’s worries about Santa Claus getting sick before Christmas and about whether Santa could really enter their narrow chimneys. There were also letters asking Santa if he has the correct address, names and ages of children.

Another book titled “Letters to Santa Claus,” published by Indiana University Press, reveals letters from children who apologized for their handwriting and expressed their willingness to help elves in distributing gifts. One heart-wrenching letter reads, “mama cries at night when she thinks we are asleep, because she has no money.” Another tear-jerking letter was from a man inside prison. He asked Santa for a lawyer and for his appeal bond to be granted.

Meanwhile, the NORAD Santa Tracker that began in 1958 will kick off on Dec. 1. Google, on the other hand, announced as early as April that the Google Santa Tracker is now open-source on GitHub at google/santa-tracker-web and google/santa-tracker-android.

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