Starbucks Sandwiches Listeria Scare: 250 Stores Affected

Starbucks Sandwiches Listeria Scare: 250 Stores Affected
Starbucks Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine’s Photostream / Flickr Public Domain
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Progressive Gourmet, food supplier of Starbucks, has recalled several varieties of sandwiches due to fear of listeria contamination, a report shows.


In an official statement from the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), which was posted online, it was revealed that the food supplier has voluntarily recalled 6 ounces of pre-packed Sausage, Egg, and Cheddar Cheese on English Muffin the company manufactured for the coffee shop giant. The product pullout was initiated by the company in select states of Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

“As soon as Starbucks was informed of this potential issue, the impacted product was removed from the 250 stores that potentially received it. The scope of this issue is limited to these stores,” the FDA statement reads.

The FDA added that the recall of the mentioned breakfast products came after the company, during its routine sanitary check up, found a trace of the bacteria in the contact surface in the production area. It added that there has been no single case reported by the FDA of any illnesses related to the feared contamination.

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The sandwich varieties, which come in clear plastic packaging, were marked with a Best Before seal of 07-AUG-2016. Progressive Gourmet is closely working with the FDA and the local health department in Massachusetts regarding the reported product recall.

According to an official statement from Starbucks, as reported by the NBC News, the company decided to immediately pull out the batch of sandwiches subjected to the recall upon receipt of notice from their supplier. The international coffee brand, however, noted that all items covered by the recall did not test positive for the bacteria.

Meanwhile, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that at least 260 deaths are being recorded in the U.S. due to listeriosis. Based on CDC’s estimates, there are around 1,600 illnesses brought about by listeriosis in the U.S. alone. At least four outbreaks related to listeriosis have been recorded in the country in 2012, the CDC added.


  • Teapubliturd Hater

    Wait….what? You mean to tell me that Starbuck’s sandwiches are made at some factory 400 miles away, with artificial ingredients, packaged in a machine, frozen, then shipped to stores in boxes where they are stored in a freezer until purchased, then given new life by microwave oven, then served? Wow….could have fooled me!