Sandra Bland Cover-up Confirmed? Bland Struck In The Head According To Witness

A police officer present during the unfortunate traffic stop that led to the death of Sandra Bland claimed he was forced to remain silent. The officer is supposed to offer evidence favorable to Bland but was threatened with damages to his career if he testified.


Bland was found hanged in a jail cell in Waller County, Texas July 13 of last year. This caused widespread protest against her arrest and allegations of racial violence and regarding her cause of death.

According to Chron, Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis denied the allegations and dismissed the claims as fictional. He also revealed the officer, Prairie View Officer Michael Kelley, has been indicted on charges he unlawfully arrested a local city councilman.

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Mathis stated that Kelley never approached him, his assistant, or any of his staff regarding the information. He also added that the officer’s job was never in any peril and his dismissal is due to another case entirely.

Sandra Bland Case Cover-Up?

According to the Huffington Post, the information Kelley possesses suggests that the cause of death was not suicide. According to Kelley, Sandra Bland was handcuffed and in the back of the police cruiser.

Bland also has marks on her head due to unknown reasons, but stated she could have been beaten. There was also no reason to for her to be detained due to a minor traffic incident.

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In his observation, it looks like Bland was struck on the head which could possibly have been the cause of death. He stated that she complained about head pains but did not cooperate with medical workers.

He also noted that several key points from his report were missing including the mark on her head. Officials also whittled his two-page long rough draft into less than one page. They also entered it to the official records without his approval.

Kelley also questioned the district attorney’s pledge that they will investigate the Sandra Bland case fully. He said that Mathis will leave no stone unturned but dismissed his testimonies nonetheless.

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  • RyGuy18

    As usual, the good cops get their careers ruined for going against the blue code of silence. We all knew it was a covered-up murder and now this cop is giving us more proof. Here is an actual good cop. One that doesn’t just tow the line. There needs to be an outside, independent investigation into her murder.

    • Lindsey Davis

      Explain to me what damning evidence this individual is stating. Not one ounce of what he states has anything directly due to this womens death, not one.

      Also, you say “actual good cop”, did you read the article… also, a black official, not a LEO, who was directly involved with this case and present with this officer during all times relevent has stated that this officer is not telling the truth.

      I know that this is a comment board and they are known for ignorance, but try and use common sense and write something cogent and not hyperbole.

      This officer is pissed off at his circumstance and is falsely crying foul. Way, way to many opportunities for the officer to have come forward, there is always a reporter salivating for such a call although his information is hardly damning evidence of murder or a cover up.

  • David Atchison

    Worthless bitch killed herself.

    • Lindsey Davis

      While I agree she did indeed take her own life and her actions escalated the situation, she was not worthless.