Sandra Bland Alive And Calm As She Arrived In Jail, Footage Shows

Sandra Bland Alive And Calm As She Arrived In Jail, Footage Shows
Between the cells Thaddeus Quintin / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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The three days that Sandra Bland spent in jail were recorded on a video footage. Texas authorities released the footage on Tuesday to clear the suspicion that Bland was already dead when she reached the police station, around the same time her mugshots were taken. The cameras captured the instance the 28-year-old black American arrived in jail. She was calm. There was a time when she was smiling and another in which her head was resting on her hands.


A preliminary toxicology report released on Monday suggested Bland might have smoked weed while she was in jail. According to the report, her system had 18 micrograms per liter, three times more than the allowed limit for recreational use of marijuana among drivers in Washington and Colorado states. Prosecutor Warren Diepraam said such information could be significant in ascertaining Bland’s state of mind. But Captain Brian Cantrell from Waller County Sheriff’s Office posited on Tuesday he is not sure whether Sandra “could have used marijuana in the jail.”

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The woman, whose violation merely consists of failing to use a turn signal when she shifted lanes, was also allowed to use a phone on the booking desk, rather than on the payphone found in her cell. Although the footage did not include audio, a moment was captured when she was on the phone and made animated gestures. Sandra Bland’s suicide projected a negative image of local authorities especially in dealing with black Americans who are apprehended for being in conflict with the law. Texas authorities were put under the spotlight following her death.

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Conspiracy theories emerged and debates filled social media the moment Bland’s mugshots were released, with hundreds commenting she was bruised and already dead. Many assumed her mug shots were taken solely for a cover-up.

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In a report from Miami Herald, Judge Trey from Waller County said the conspiracy theories caused county officials to receive death threats. “Because of some of the things that’s gone out on social media, this county has been literally attacked,” said Judge Duhon during a press conference.

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