Sanders Won Dem Debate According To Polls, Pundits Have Different Story

Sanders Won Dem Debate According To Polls, Pundits Have Different Story
Bernie Sanders Marc Nozell / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Democrats had their first presidential debate on Tuesday. According to non-scientific polls – and by that it means people voting who they think is the winner – Bernie Sanders won. However, according to pundits, it was Hillary Clinton.


CNN, which hosted the debate, had this headline in one article – “Democratic Debate: Clinton Brings It.” The article brings in opinions from commentators such as David Gergen, Maria Cardona and Aaron David Miller. In summary, the article said: “So, the night’s winner? Hillary Clinton. The loser was Lincoln Chafee, whose performance was nothing short of embarrassing.”

Interestingly, the majority of the CNN post-debate focus group had Sanders as the winner. The post-debate focus group voters of the “Kelly File,” by Frank Lutz, also voted Sanders as the winner. The panel with a dozen of 18-to-34-year-olds, created by Fusion, voted eight to three for Sanders.

CNN’s Facebook poll also reflected Sanders as winner. Sanders is also the winner for the people who voluntarily participated for the Time’s poll. Sanders got 58 percent of the more than 200,000 votes while Clinton got only 12 percent. A poll from MSNBC also reflected Sanders as the people’s favorite in as far as the debate goes. Daily Kos’s poll reflected the same, as well as polls conducted by the Sacramento Bee, PlayBuzz, Fox 5,, Drudge Report,

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Sanders is also the winner with 67 percent votes in a poll conducted by Slate; Clinton had 15 percent. However, it is interesting to note that Slate had an article that went by the title: “Hillary Clinton Won the CNN Debate With a Surprisingly Spectacular Performance.”

Some big players in the media were one in saying that the night belongs to Sanders. The Washington Post ruled Sanders was the star of the debate “from start to finish,” citing the observed spike in Google search algorithm for Sanders as the debate unfolded. The Chicago Tribune thinks so too, as well as The Huffington Post.

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But for Fox News, “Hillary Clinton won the debate. Democrats’ plan for a coronation is on track,” as headlined in one of its articles. Salon’s headline reads, “The real reason Hillary Clinton won the debate: No one else was on her level.”

The pundits think so, too, that it was Clinton who won the debate. Chuck Todd of NBC said Clinton “was easily the most polished and prepped candidate on stage.” As quoted by Newsweek, Timothy Carney, a journalist covering the intersection of politics and economics, said “Hillary Clinton dominated the debate. It was an overwhelming victory.”

Norman Ornstein, columnist for National Journal and The Atlantic and is an election eve analyst for BBC News, said “The bottom line for me: a big night for Clinton.” As reported by the Washington Examiner, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host and panelist declared Clinton as winner. Radio host Erick Erickson thinks so too. Ron Fournier, a columnist for the National Journal, wrote Clinton survived and won the debate.