San Antonio Spurs Rumors: Rudy Gobert A Good Fit For The Spurs?

San Antonio Spurs Rumors: Rudy Gobert A Good Fit For The Spurs?
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Rudy Gobert made it clear that he prefers to stay with the Utah Jazz though he may want to rethink that claim if he wants to gain something from his NBA career. He may still be young at 24 but like any NBA player, it would be best to look ahead.


One of the dreams that any NBA player would want is an opportunity to win an NBA ring and there are several teams he could consider. The list includes the Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs, all who have good coaches to guide budding players.

The thing about Gobert is that while his loyalty is something (per the Salt Lake Tribune), he could be of good help to other team. The Jazz are unlikely to be title-contenders for now though they can surely try.

Consider Gregg Popovich

Rudy Gobert should be aware that he needs to seek guidance from the league’s best. There is no better mentor than Popovich right now, someone who has made stars out of the players like Kawhi Leonard and potentially LaMarcus Aldridge soon.

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As most know, the Spurs are looking to beef up its frontline. Tim Duncan has retired and Pau Gasol is likely to wind it up in a couple of years. If Gobert is wise, he may want to consider that as another option.

Assuming the Jazz don’t pick him up next season, Gobert will be a restricted free agent according to Hoops Habit. He stands to be a great fit, not to mention a reasonably priced player that will not eat up the salary budget.

Gobert may not be considering that now but the opportunity is there. San Antonio could pitch at the 7-foot-1 youngster, a potential star with the right coach guiding him to NBA stardom.

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  • Allen

    Not a very grounded article. Rudy is a restricted free agent and the Jazz will match any offer, including a max.