Samsung Unveils Their Cloud-based Modular Healthcare Platform and SimBand Tracker

Samsung Unveils Their Cloud-based Modular Healthcare Platform and SimBand Tracker
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samsung sami simband unveiled Samsung Unveils Their Cloud based Modular Healthcare Platform and SimBand TrackerSamsung has revealed its plans to further expand their fitness and health tracking initiatives with today’s announcement of a cloud-based modular software and hardware platform for better tracking and evaluation of health data. The company also introduced Simband which is a reference hardware design for a wrist-based fitness and health tracker that can connect to the aforementioned platform.


“We want to provide a platform to accelerate the speed of innovation,” said Young Sohn, president and chief strategy officer at Samsung.

The platform, called SAMI (Samsung Architecture Multimodal Interactions), will be capable of aggregating all your health data collected through all your tracking devices into a personal profile on the cloud. The data can be used to design and create apps and software that will complement the user’s health. As an example, designers could develop an app that would collect your health data from the cloud and control your other devices (like an air conditioning unit) to cater to your wellbeing. Samsung assured everyone that data kept on their SAMI cloud platform will be secure with Samsung comparing the privacy and security of their platform to a bank.

The Simband, which the company also unveiled, is a reference design that the company hopes other manufacturers will use to develop their own devices that utilize the same technology as well as leveraging the SAMI platform. The Simband is modular so a variety of sensor arrays can be attached to the device’s wristband to monitor and collect data including information like heart rate and oxygen levels but can measure anything  depending on the sensor array that’s attached. The Simband’s design also includes a battery on the bottom of the band that actually builds charge when it senses activity.

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Samsung has partnered with the University of California in San Francisco to begin studying and developing the platform and the quality, accuracy, and reliability of the data it collects so that medical and healthcare professionals will feel that this new method is credible and trustworthy.

Samsung has announced that beta APIs for SAMI will be ready by the end of the year.