Samsung Unveils Galaxy Note 5, S6+ Edge Before Launch Of New iPhone – A New Sales Strategy?

Samsung Unveils Galaxy Note 5, S6+ Edge Before Launch Of New iPhone – A New Sales Strategy?

Samsung always releases new products in September. Then why is it that this time the brand chose August, something that is very uncommon for this electronics giant?


Samsung has been trying to beat Apple and capture the smartphone market for a very long time now. Experts say that the brand has gone to the extent where it has started imitating Apple. With Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus, Samsung has also introduced Samsung Pay, just like Apple, but this service is said to be better than that of Apple.

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In the launch event, while discussing the screen, the picture that flashed on the screen was a comparison between iPhone 6 Plus and S6+ Edge’s Screen.

While shedding some light on the launch date, IDC Analyst Mr. Ramon Llamas said, “The timing reflects a shift in fortunes for a company that pioneered jumbo phones with the original Note in 2011. Now, Samsung needs to beat Apple to the punch, or risk seeing its products drowned out by all the attention on the iPhone.”

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The smartphones launched yesterday seems to have focused a lot on looks and design than the features. Maybe because it has done everything Apple has.

Can August launch be a sales strategy?

Launching smartphones with at least one feature better than iPhone prior to the iPhone’s launch is certainly a smart move. There may be people who must be in urgent need of good phones, and then there must be business classes in need of a smartphone that is designed for multi-taskers, so it is safe to say that after Galaxy Unpacked 2015, Samsung will see a boost in its sales figures.

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